Horsebit Hobo - Plain Leather or Fabric GGs

  1. What is your preference between the two materials?

    I saw a woman today with a black leather large one and recognized it right away. I see most women carry the fabric hobos, but the leather looked outstanding. But will people recognize that you're wearing a gucci handbag if it's plain leather as opposed to the fabric which blasts gucci with the logo print?
  2. True conoisseurs will identify it. If you want people to know you are carrying a gucci then go for the fabric logo. If you want to be subtle, get the leather. IMO the leather is better
  3. I agree. I have leather ones, very rarely do they ever get recognized, the bag is beautiful in leather or fabric though
  4. Leather, leather and leather. Much classier than the logo/monogram fabric in my opinion. I frankly just don't like to scream to the world "LOOK, I HAVE A GUCCI!" Besides, leather just holds up better, less maintenance.
  5. I have to vote for the leather too. It looks so beautiful.

  6. I am torn...Part of me WANTS people to know it's Gucci b/c lord knows I'm paying enough..Part of me doesn't want to scream LOOK AT MY GUCCI...I feel a tad flashy at times depending on where I am/who I'm with....! Ultimately, I've decided on fabric...the fabric is so luxe and I have many other leather bags....B/c I'm going with black, I still think (hope) it's fairly understated...

    ANd can anyone comment on the comfort of the bag? Does it get annoying on the arm? Does it stay on the shoulder?
  7. im currently still debating over leather or fabric still leaning towards the leather just because it seems to be more durable and more the problem is the SIZE..medium or large..guccissima or not..i love the chocolate guccissima medium hobo but..i love a large tan hobo as well..what do you guys think?

    p.s. im five feet three inches & 108 lbs..& usually i carry lots of stuff. water, 2-3 bags of makeup, flip flops, magazines, paperwork, planner, perfume..etc etc.
  8. I don't think you'll fit that stuff into the medium...Have you tried on the large unstuffed? It's HUGE stuffed and really "shrank" unstuffed and gets less wide with weight on the bottom....I go large....But don't ask me, this is the only gucci that I consider big enough for me LOL....
  9. Leather is much more goregous
  10. Leather is classy and gorgeous :smile: I want to get the black or brown leather hobo myself. Wouldn't want to get the logo fabric cuz it's too flashy for me. And i think the people who WILL recognize Gucci will no matter the leather or print. But those who won't (like my bf), won't no matter how obvious it is.
  11. i have the fabric hobo and love it. the leather hobos look really nice, as well, but i think i remember reading somewhere here on the forum about the color of the leather transferring or fading... will have to find that post for you.

    **here's the post i was telling you about:

    maybe it'll help in with your decision on the leather or the fabric =)
  12. I say leather as well..I have the choc brown med in guccissima leather..But the more I seee the large..The more I like it...If I ever did get a large..I would get smooth leather...It doesn't matter to me if people know I'm carrying a designer bag or not...Most people where I live wouldn't know anyways b/c there are no stores that sell premium designer bags..all internet shopping for me and calling the stores directly...But when I buy a bag I consider many aspects, as I want the bag to be in style for a long long time ..and hold up over time..I tend to stick to the classics so I get my $$$$'s worth out the bag!! Hence I would choose the leather...Let us know what you decide and post pics when you get it!! Good luck w/ your choice...You'll look marvelous in whatever you decide!! It's a beautiful bag!!!
    :heart: Emmy