Horseback Riding and Louis Vuitton!

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  1. My fiance was laughing while taking this pic. He said he doubted many people would take a LV bag with them while doing a jungle tour on horseback. This is me and my damier azur pochette in Costa Maya. : ) I know this is silly and a terrible pic but wanted to share!
  2. haha Cool!
  3. haha thats so cute :smile: !
  4. Oh man, you beat me to it!!! I was totally gonna post with an LV on my horse, guess what? I have the damier azure mini too, goes perfect with a horsie... great pic.... You make it all look so natural, beautiful, very down to earth...
  5. AHHA..THAT'S sooo cute! Love it!!
  6. very cute!
  7. Awww such a cute pic!! Love the doggy in your avatar, too!!

    LOL My LV doesn't get close to my horse...he is such a dirt magnet!! LOL
  8. You have a horse? That is so wonderful. I loved riding and wish that I could do it more often!

    Thanks girls for all the nice comments!:yes:
  9. Cute pic!
  10. Cute!
  11. had my LV too when we went hiking..he didnt want to include my louie in the pics LOL
  12. Very cute! Love it
  13. I do. I just paid for 1/2 of him, so had to pass on a long alma, ouch. But, riding is one of the best feelings in the world; right next to the smell of new LV:smile:

    I love my horse and my LV! you wear them both so well!!! You should ride as much as you can if you love it.... horses are incredible creatures....
  14. Is that possibly Smuggler's Run Plantation??????

    I was riding in Costa Maya in February with my Daughter - you aren't the only one - I was carrying my Drouot!
  15. You and Louis look fabulous! I love Costa Maya!