horseback riders!

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  1. lets hang out and chat ;)

    Show season is coming/has come! First clinic for me April 19-auditing, then a horse fair 19/20. I am running our club's booth as Im the JR officer and librarian. First show for me is May 25, showing F3 and 2-1, maybe F-2 as well. Hectic as Im also reading tests (how I earn $ lol) and attending a 7:30 kanye west concert (eeek!!).
  2. Well, I just had wrist surgery about a month ago so I have NO idea when I can get jumping again. However; I do plan on showing my baby boy Amadeus in some in-hand hunter breeding classes this summer. I already audited a clinic a few weeks ago and I have a show coming up at my barn next baby classes for my guy though :sad:. I had planned on going to a show this weekend that was supposed to have a hunter breed class but now it was cancelled so no-go for that.

    Stay tuned for more shows.......

    Next year will be easier because I will have him going under saddle :yes:

    Ooooooohhh, in September he will be going to his Warmblood Inspection. He is a Thoroughbred that I DNA registered as an American Warmblood Sporthorse. The final process of having him registered is his Warmblood Inspection and then he will be "official." I could not register him through the JC (Jockey Club) because the guy who originally owned him when he was foaled was a total loser and I can't find him to get the Certificate of JC said sorry Charlie!

    Luckily I obtained written permission from the actual breeder from my horse's "conception" to release the DNA info for his parents to the AWR so my horse will be officially DNA Registered........whew, way OT and hopefully that made sense! I will HAVE to get inspection pics!
  3. No showing for me this season. I just started leasing a dutch warmblood mare last Wednesday. After a two year break from riding due to fiancial reasons I am finally back again riding.

    Well who knows maybe in a couple months I may be tempted to do some hunter classes at some local shows. ;)
  4. My horse will show this weekend! My trainer is going to show him, to start the season off. (We fight over who gets to ride him 'cause he's soooo cool!)

    I'll show him in Ohio in a couple of weeks! I'm really, REALLY excited! I can hardly wait!
  5. ^ what breed do you show--i showed quarter horses for years--i really really miss it but with a 3 year old i don't have much time anymore:sad:
  6. Saddlebreds. I've been in the five gaited category for a lonnnng time!

    I love quarter horses. I'd love to own some in the future!
  7. DQ, CB and VooDoo where ARE you guys in this thread??????????
  8. No showing for me this season (boo) because of knee surgery. BUT I keep telling myself I will drag myself out to the barn a couple times a week for lessons once I'm back on my feet.
  9. my baby turned 17 this week!! hes an old eventer who due to some old injuries, etc shouldnt be jumped anymore. hes a great dressage horse though and we are doing 2nd this year, 3rd hopefully next. He's a great boy. Hoping to see more riders here soon :smile:
  10. Yoo HOO....Here I am!!!

    DD is jumpingn Petunia in an upcoming show...low fences only as she is coming off an injury....

    then its dressage time.

    and, OH MAN....she has the fever to breed again....
    Take a look at this handsome man!!

  11. ^He's beautiful!!!

    So I have officially fallen in love with the horse I am leasing. She is also for sale, so I must convince DH to let me buy her. Even if it means we'll be eating top ramen for dinner just to afford her board.

    Here she is!

  12. CB, that stallion is GORGEOUS!!!! Can you imagine if your mare threw a colorful baby like that?? Oooooh just got chills!

    You new girl is lovely and she looks really kind :yes: Can't wait to see more pics and hear about your progress with her.

    Tell your DH you will sell all of your bags for the mare :roflmfao:
  13. love both the above pictured horses. I love studs lol. Ive been hacking a little sport arab so may get to show him :smile:
  14. nice eye on this mare!! I Hope you can work it out! Top ramen isnt so bad....