Horse shoe brass keyfob!

  1. I did it! I went to the store today and bought the Denim Stripe Tote. Now i'm back at work (BOOOO) and can't wait to get home to play with her! :drool:

    While at the boutique, i also ordered the blue signature locket keyfob and almost ordered the brass horse shoe keyfob! it is so nice. The SA had one and showed it to me. I didn't order it, but now i'm thinking i should before the PCE is over! So i'm going to do that Friday. The SA's must think i'm nuts.

    Anyway, i'll post bag pics tonight and keyfob pics as soon as it gets here!
  2. congrats and don't worry about your SA thinking you are nuts..........last PCE I pretty much called my SA every other day with a new order and so far this PCE, I have done the same............:rolleyes:
  3. thank you SO much for telling me that! I seriously have this weird paranoid thing where i think they hate me because i come in so often (although to be totally fair, i'm really not in that often at all! maybe 1-3 a month!)
  4. Oh, wow! I haven't seen this...can you take pictures of it for me, please?...
  5. Which one Tejasmama? the bag or the keyfob? I won't have the keyfob(s) until next week :sad:
    they have pictures of them in the book though if you are near a store!
  6. I'm not near a store. Is it a large horse shoe? Is it plain or does it have stones? (hope not, that would look odd w/ the
  7. it is not too big, not too small. It's very cute. no stones- but "coach" is on it (very small) and it has some bumps along the shoe (like a real horse shoe would have).
  8. oooh

    i really need to get that horseshoe for my mom!
  9. Would love to see the horseshoe! I'm going to go to Coach tomorrow to see it and order it. Thank you for letting us know!
  10. Oh, crap!! I need this since I have horses!! Geesh, now I need this and the candy one!! Can we order this with our PCE discount??
  11. A HORSESHOE KEYFOB! *thud* wow! Just recently someone was talking about a horseshoe charm and I was lamenting how much I'd love them to make one. I can't wait to see this! My dh is a farrier so this is just so totally "me", lol!!
  12. Yes you can order the horse shoe with the discount, and Bessie said you can order the candy one too!

    The horse shoe is going to look SO good against my denim tote!!
  13. what does the candy one look like???


    and what's the style number?
  14. anyone have the style number for the horseshoe? I want to phone this one in :smile: TIA
  15. Congrats on your bag. Wow!!! they have a horse shoe keyfob i must get one.