Horse meat

  1. Cal.. I hope youre not reading this.. LOL

    Does anyone know the name of the horse meat that Italians eat? Im in a bet regarding if this meat exists or not... I remember once my Italian friend always used to bring this sliced deli looking meat and she said it was horse.. if anyone knows the name, that would be great.. thanks
  2. Horse is called cavallo and a lot of the restaurants in Vicenza where I am serve it. There are horse stews, sausages steaks etc... I am not brave enough to try it yet. A lot of the restaurants here also serve wild boar and Rabbit.
  3. Horse meat not bad at all! U guys shoud try them!
  4. effing grotesque. i seriously could never get myself to eat horse... i felt like puking just typing that. period.

    my favorite animals ALIVE are horses... hell no to horsies being food. lol sorry i had to say something, the whole idea SERIOUSLY tweeks me out.

    :throwup: :throwup: :throwup: :throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
  5. Don't go to Germany then Bliss.
  6. Lol........I shouldn't have opened this thread.....