horsbit hobo question

  1. Does anyone know why some medium horsebit hobo's zipper are diffrent from others? for example i have seen some with gold zipper ends and some with leather zipper ends.
    1de4_1.JPG.jpg mj clutch 018 (2).jpg
  2. I think I have the exact same bag as you (medium chain horsebit hobo in the brown guccissima leather). Mine has the light gold zipper end.
  3. funny, because mine has the leather zipper end. anyone know why?
  4. Is yours the one in the pic? Cuz that looks like a metal zipper end to me.....am I refering to the wrong part of the zipper? :confused1:

    Oh wait....are you talking about the zipper part where you pull the zipper? Because that is leather....while the very end of the zipper is metal.
  5. mine is not pictured. these are 2 diffrent bags. if you notice the left one has a metal gold zipper end, and the right picture has a leather zipper end.... the end where you pull the zipper from
  6. I know the leather guccissima ones usually have the metal zipper and the fabric ones have the leather tag......

    did you get your in store?

    maybe the change the design over the years...
  7. I got mine at the Gucci store. The very end is metal...while the part you pull is leather. I'll post a pic later to clarify.....

    Weird thing though is that the guccissima clutch I have has both a metal end and metal pull part. I got this one in a Gucci store in Italy though.

    Perhaps it varies depending on the style?
  8. i have the medium leather horsebit. it has a leather end on the very end zipper (closing part, not the actual zipper pull), i will take a pic of mine tonight too. Sorry if I am cofusing you guys. Thanks for your help!!!
    BTW... if you click on the picture on the right, the GG leather one, you will see on the right side on the zipper end it's leather. Just like mine.
    I was just wondering why I've seen some with gold zipper ends and some with the leather one?
    Also, those pics are of 2 diffrent bags....
  9. my camera is dead....
    but here a link to an example
  10. Sorry, I didn't get a chance take a pic of mine yet. But essentially, the right hand side is metal on mine, and I have the medium horsebit hobo in the brown guccissima.
  11. I had a cognac medium horsebit hobo in smooth leather. The tab on the end of it was the gold with GUCCI etched in it. I think it has to do with the bag size or style because I've seen it done both ways. I actually prefer the gold tab. Looks richer to my eye.

    I think the right term for what we are talking about is "zipper stop" but I'm not sure. Bit rusty on my sewing terms.
  12. so the zipper stop, if it's leather or gold, has no idication on autenticity? i wonder what exactly is the specs. on which zipper stop they put on which hobo's? :confused1:
  13. I got my black leather gucci horsebit hobo at Gucci in NYC and mine has a leather zipper stop at the end.
  14. I've got the medium off-white guccissima one (bought it at the gucci shop in my town) and it is all leather?
  15. Maybe it just depends on when it was produced?