Horror Stories like "My Coach was stolen"

  1. The most terrible thing happened to me recently. I was in Spain for a 5-week study abroad class, and was lucky to not have my bag robbed at some weak moment. However... I went to get my wristlet out of my zipped & buckled bag, only to find that my wristlet had been stolen ... right out of the bag, which was pried open in the back, right at the zipper.

    I had just received a patchwork wristlet as a gift that i LOOOOOVED ~ I carried it everywhere. Luckily, there wasn't anything too too important in there that couldn't be replaced, so I am still seriously upset & bothered by the fact that some person stole my wristlet. I would've given them everything inside, but it's just the point of it - what are they going to do with a wristlet?!?!

    Has anything similar to this ever happened to you in another version, like something stolen, dropped in the mud, fruit punch spilled on your suede bag, etc? I needed to get this out :nuts: it was just too horrible when it happened!
  2. I am so sorry that this happened to you and you was really invaded. I have told my DH many times that if any one went to grab my bag that I would say wait... you can have every thing thats in my bag but PLEASE let me keep my purse. I know we all cherish and work so hard for our designer items and they all cost a pretty penny but no matter what item was stolen from you... its just WRONG even if it was a cheap hair brush. I have heard many stories of people having their house broken into and lost lots of items that run into big $$$ but that wasn't their biggest issue about it... it was the invasion of their privacy that bothered them the most. SORRY once again, in the end they will be the one that will pay the most for this... it always comes back but only worse.
    Try not to let it bother you... at least you are okay and items can be replaced but you can't. Just be careful out there, its a crazy world we are in.
  3. living in southern california i had my legacy stripe umbrella for 6 months and never used it. i was headed to chicago and couldnt wait to use it....it even rained in chicago (unlike LA)! so the one and only night i used my umbrella, we stopped at the hotel business office on our way in to use the computer. the next morning i realized that i had left my umbrella in the business office...and it was of course gone. nothing like spending $88 on an umbrella to use for an afternoon!!!

  4. well someone stole my $350 ipod once lol in my art class while i was using the computer, so i relate.
  5. Was there money in it? If not I bet they were pretty pissed over getting nothing, of course the 'wallet' itself wasn't worth anything to them. What a shame, but I guess we have to assume that they figured it was your wallet.

    In Prague in spring 2006 on the Charles Bridge which is notorious for pickpocketing an older lady in our tour group got picked. Its astonishing how they manage to unzip your bag, grab your wallet and REZIP it without you even noticing.:sad:
  6. I know Handbglvr had a Carly stolen right out of her cart while shopping when she had her head turned. I'll let her tell the complete story but ever since hearing it, I always buckle mine into the child seat!!
  7. My legacy shoulder along with my medium novacheck burberry wallet, camera, laptop, coach sunglasses, ipod, credit cards, etc....which they ran up a ton on............were stolen from my locked car in my driveway....threw a rock through the window. A month later a man called me and had found all of my dept. store cards minus the important stuff like id's and visas....hidden in some bushes in his yard. I think it was neighborhood punks.........probably threw the coach in the trash which kills me.
  8. Oh my gosh I'm sorry! I almost once almost lost my wristlet. But it was fault I wasn't paying any attention.
  9. I've had my east/west signature duffle stolen 2 years ago. The situation was horrible IMO. I had around 20-25 people over at my house.. The next morning, my Coach purse, which had my Coach makeup bag, Coach mini skinny, and Coach wallet were stolen from my bedroom. The thing that angered me was that everyone who came to my house was someone I knew personally, regardless of whether I was close to them or not.
  10. My gold signature stripe tote had coke spilt in the zipped compartment by an employee who I think I know who it was and I know it was not an accident because there was nothing anywhere else on the bag was someone I had to write up for insuffiencies and the other day when she was working I had a tomato smashed on my windshield. We do not always work the same time because we are 12 hours three days a week but she was the only one present on those two nights. Lessons to be learned....now I carry a cheap tote bag. I am grateful for the many good people in this world.

  11. wow! i feel bad for everyoen here, but it is terrible when it is someone u no
  12. Oh my gosh these are awful.....luckily *knock on wood* nothing bad has happened to me or my coach, like some of you ladies!
  13. I had a bag stolen once -- it was many years ago. I had received a handbag as a gift from my hubby and had it with me in a meeting at work - still new, unused and in the bag and I was going to take it to the store to exchange for another one. There was about 25-30 people in the meeting. I knew all of them -- and ONE of them took it!

    It was pretty upsetting to have something stolen (and it was worth $300 -- that was about 15 years ago) but more unnerving knowing it was someone in that room... :tdown:

    To this day, I just dont' know how they managed to take it without anybody seeing -- it was a rather large shopping bag with handles!
  14. That's so sad. I know how you feel.I've had one of my Coach bags stolen too. I
  15. i've never had a purse stolen, but in December of last year someone stole my Dell laptop (worth $2k) right out of my office (this was when i was in graduate school). it even had a lock on it, but the thief managed to break it loose. :cursing:

    i had all the data backed up and all, and the laptop wasn't technically mine (it was MIT's, i was just the sole user) but still. i can relate...the feeling you get when something of yours is stolen...UGH.

    i am so paranoid now about my new LV Rosewood purse ($870 + tax) getting stolen that i keep an eye on it *everywhere*. ppl may think i'm weird, but i don't care...