Horror Stories about Leather Shops

  1. I am going to take my LV Speedy 25 into a shoe repair store tomorrow to see if they can condition the handles of my bag (they are dry). I am not confident in my leather conditioning skills so I trust a professional more.

    My question is this: Have any of you ever had a bad experience with a shoe repair/leather repair store ruining your bag?
  2. Why don't you take your bag to LV store, may be SA can recommend you with something..
  3. I don't think they recommend you to do anything since they don't want to be responsible in case anything goes wrong. I think a professional would be able to apply it for me as well. I just want to make sure they don't try to apply some cockney leather treatment and turn my bag brown! :lol:
  4. I honestly would just try the apple conditioner. So many people have used it with good results. You have no guarantee your leather guy knows how the LV leather will react. I wouldnt want to risk any dirt getting on it either. Some of those stores are filthy with all the leather treatments and dyes.
    I know your apprehensive but in my experience even "professionals" can be idiots.
    Best of luck to you :smile:
  5. Selena, you are right. It's funny that you should say this because I was thinking about it later this evening. I said, "will this leather guy even know that my handles will honey over time?"

    I guess with the appleguard I heard it's a cleaner and moisturizer...and right now I really need a moisturizer over a cleaner. I've attached a photo to show you what the handles look like.
    dry handles.JPG
  6. At first i was very hesitant about using anything, but i gave in and tried appleguard conditioner on a very old and dried out gucci and it made the leather almost new.
  7. There isnt much that can be done to handles. I took a bag to a high end tannery, which is a leather repair place. If there are oils from the hands, they cant do anything. You can try to clean them with applegarde or saddlesoap, but there isnt much else you can do.
  8. You will love the apple conditioner. I have used it on a few of my lvs with good results. I also had this Kenneth Cole that the leather REALLY dried out on and its like new now.

    its good stuff.
  9. Thanks Selena. Do my handles look very dry to you? :cry:
  10. I don't think your handles look dry.
  11. The handles don't have the same sheen as the leather tabs. Looks a bit dry IMO.