Horror of Horrors!!! A FAKE (not inspired at all) Shop just opened in my town!!

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  1. I can't believe what I just saw! Never saw a store devoted completely and exclusively to FAKE bags......not inspired bags.....but FAKE bags. We have a tiny new strip mall and this cute purse boutique was to open up as part of it. Well, today was the day, and I stopped by after work and I almost fell over on the spot. There were fake Chloe's, LV's B Bags, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Dooney, etc. all over the place. They had a Spy there for $60.00!!! When I picked it up to look at it, the lock fell off!! I handed it to the guy that was still setting up, and I said, "is this supposed to happen"??? He just took it from me and sheepishly said "ummm, uh.....no, duh"...

    So I have to ask you, how does this happen?? I thought selling fakes was illegal. Mind you, these are definitely not inspired. They have all the proper names in all the so-called proper fonts, and they are definitely purporting to be "real". This is so blatant! I give it 3 months, and every girl will be spotted at the mall now with the "real thing" on her arm.

    I hate it. :cursing:
  2. someone will probably report them and the police will then close them down. happened in a town near here and made the local tv news.
  3. Maybe that someone should be me!! I'm sorry.....I still can't believe it. When I was there, 4 young girls came in squeeling....."ooooh! We came 40 miles to shop here" Yikes!
  4. That's so brazen. Please do report them. Ugh.:yucky:
  5. There is a kiosk in our mall selling the same things. Makes me sick.
  6. :yucky: :cursing: :yucky: :cursing:

    We need to do something about this! I've called Gucci's corporate offices before to report a merchant selling fakes, perhaps we can take turns and call/write the corporate offices? Please PM me the store name, address and what bags you saw.
  7. Yes there is a store in the mall devoted to fake bags. :yucky: I bet they will be shut down sooner or later.

  8. here too! I called the local police a month ago and when I was at the mall last nite, they are still there! :cursing:
  9. Here too. Excuse me if I'm wrong, and I don't mean to offend anyone but all the kiosks I've seen (malls here in CT - Hartford, New Haven, New London, Manchester) have been run by Asians. It made me wonder if there was like a fake bag selling ring operating in these parts.
  10. We have had a Fake purse kiosk in our Mall for the last 2 years. Same Asian woman working there all the time. She says they are all authentic when you question her. Our local police couldn't care less if that woman is at the Mall. If it means money...they are okay with it.
  11. Well, Guess What!!! I called our Sheriff Department and made a complaint. They say they are going to to out there to check them out. That's what they told me. I can call them in a few days to see just what transpired. I also have been collecting websites for the designers that I mentioned and I am going to write to every single one of them and let them know that they are being faked. I feel I have to do this. And, yes, sorry to say, the store is not run by Asians, but I believe they are from India. That is the true fact of the matter. Girliecharlie....I am on it. I will write you tomorrow with the name and address of the store and the names of the designers being faked. I am also going to go to our local newspaper with this information. I want them out of my town!!
  12. You go girl! Give 'em hell! Let us know how everything turns out.
  13. Yup, the bag is an authentic bag, just not an authentic Louis Vuitton bag!
  14. that is so hideous. there was a store near my university that sold fakes, and it too eventually shut down. karma, I guess.

    currently, though, there is a *higher end* (and by higher end, I mean they sell Kors by Michael Kors >.<) shoe store, and I guess they use that as their front to sell hideous fake handbags. I don't go in there, but last time I walked by, I saw a couple of fake mj stams in the window.


    not good!
  15. If our Sheriff Department is any good, they'll go out there today, as indicated. I also called the Coach Counterfeit Hotline at 800-396-1809 and left a message there. When I get a free moment, I will try to contact every single stinking number I can to report these idiots. I forgot that Kate Spade was in there, too.