Horror of a Day! No internet or TV

  1. Yesterday, the cable company had some kind of fiberoptics problem and our area had no internet or TV (some had no phone if you had cable for your phone) for 24 hours!! It was Hellacious!!!

    My kids nearly had a nervous breakdown when they couldn't watch their shows or play their favorite internet computer games. I couldn't check my e-mail, the purse forum, or (GASP!) shop online! My husband and I actually had to converse w/ each other last nite! I swear at times you could hear crickets chirping.

    Thank God this morning I awoke and all was right w/ the world once again. I'm sure I'll have some lingering, horrible post traumatic syndrome from the whole experience though.
  2. omg! i probably would of died! but at least my cellphone would still work! hehehe! i'm 'glad' life is all about technology these days! hehehehehe! my how the world is changing SO quickly!!!!

    Seriously, i'm glad your household is back on track now!!!
  3. OMG if I had no internet or tv on my days off I would just die (not really lol). I can't imagine life without my TiVo! Actually I would spend the whole day at the mall if that happened, and my bank account would suffer (at least I couldn't check it online after LOL).

    But that kind of makes you think about how our grandparents had it when they were young. I mean when my grandma was young her fam listened to the radio and her family entertained themselves with conversation. Man how times have changed.
  4. Too funny !! But yeah, I know the feeling all too well - when I travelling it was brutal how it was such a struggle to check mail, and I didn't even try to keep up with tPF just cause it'd be so difficult.
  5. I thought my husband was going to have a nervous breakdown when he couldn't watch the Met game last nite. He had to listen to it on (horror of horrors!) the radio! I've still got a total-body rash from the day.
  6. LOL! Did you sit in front of the TV or computer waiting for them to magically work again?
    I know the feeling, a big wind storm can knock both down here and it feels like the 1800s in my house.
  7. That is the main reason why I have DSL for my computer and not cable. Bad enough if the TV goes out-but not to have the computer too? No way!
  8. Know that feeling all too well! I'm on medical leave from work right now so I can check my email or tPF whenever I want; however, next week I go back to work and I travel quite a bit, so I won't have the luxury of being online all day!!! I don't know what I'm going to do!:sad:
  9. OMG!!! I don't think I could go 24 hours w/o internet or tv!! That is so bad!!!!
  10. Shushopn, I sure wish they had the internet when I was much younger. I'm 50 now and having so much fun on the WWW over the past few years. :biggrin: Life's never been quite the same since I got an internet connection in 2000.
  11. I know exactly how you feel...last week I moved...the phone company shut off my DSL at the old house a day early (Tuesday at 7 AM while I was trying to respond to a post on tPF), turned on the DSL at the new house a day late (Thursday afternoon). I couldn't find all the stuff for my computer (it was in different boxes) and didn't get it on until Sunday. Then I hook it all up and it doesn't work....sit on the phone with the DSL company for 1 hour...then they tell me "we were updating phone lines and we forgot about yours...now it's working" ARGGGG

    Then the cable...OMG....1 full week without it! I don't watch TV that much...but hubby was going insane!

    I also hate when travelling....trying to find a hotel with wireless. In London I was staying at the Marriott and they wanted to charge 20 pounds an hour....I didn't need it that bad lol
    Then I was in Sweden and they had free internet in the lobby....the keyboard was in Swedish!!!!! It was a nightmare!
  12. We had a city-wide blackout a few weeks ago. While there was daylight, I was ok with no TV/Internet because there was plenty to do around the house. Once it got dark, though, it was a different story. But then, I realized my laptop was charged up and I can use dial-up...by any means necessary, indeed.
  13. One time I had no Internet and no water. Sometimes its bad to live out in the middle of nowhere.
  14. When that happened to me and I started to panic I wondered what I did before I started to live on this thing lol
  15. Wow! I can totally understand. Last month there was no power for like 3 hours, and I had a nervous breakdown. I was going crazy no email, and no purseblog. Horrible. Imagine you went through the entire day wow, congratulations on surviving. I am glad everything is normal again. Start shopping girl.