Horror in Serbia mental institutions...

  1. I saw this story by Ann Curry of the Today Show and it is absolutely heatbreaking. I am attaching the article from MSN below

    http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/21790870/ :crybaby:

    After reading the story, I would challenge every TPF member to make a donation to one of the organizations the article mentions! If each of us donated just $10.00, we could really make a difference!! I am sure that all of us have been touched in one way or another by a form of disability, either by birth or accident. TIA!!
  2. From the article: The group recommended that some of Serbia's mental institutions should be closed and their patients allowed access to "education, employment, decent and safe housing, friends and family based on their disability."

    I agree what's happening inside these places is nothing less than tragic, but is closing some of the institutions and letting these people out really the answer? Already ordinary Serbians who don't face physical and mental challenges have a difficult time finding employment, education and safe housing, as evidenced in the article by the mother who could not bring her son home since she couldn't support him. Come on, easier said than done. Shouldn't this group know better? It is crazy to think that a society as torn apart as Serbia has been will put funds towards an infrastructure to support the mentally ill and retarded when already it can barely deal with its productive citizens. I imagine that the release of many of these patients would result in abuse by employers would who take advantage of them (good God, imagine using these poor people as sex slaves or something horrid), parents who neglect them because they simply can't find enough time and money to help them, etc. It seems these these institutions should not be closed down, but shaped up and restaffed with humane people.
  3. I saw this too, last night on a news program. I have a brother with Cerebral Palsy and brain damage from having his oxygen cut off. Luckily an institution was never ever even considered. He's 53 now, lives just down from me with another brother. Unlike America and other countries, Serbia and some others push mental institutions on the parents.

    And what REALLYYYY bothers me is, most if not ALL of people afflicted with Cerebral Palsy are highly intelligent. Only the body is affected, not the mind. Even with his brain damage, my brother can do quite a bit for himself. I could not see his cheerful personality and sense of humor being stiffled by this kind of inhumane treatment. Make me physically ill.
  4. http://www.unicef.org/serbia/media_7697.html

    The above statement indicates the help that Unicef is trying to provide and what they are pushing for. So sad that anyone should have to live like that. With all the wealth spread around the world, its sickening!
  5. I saw this segment on the Today show. I cried throughout the whole show. Even after it ended. The thought of those poor children being neglected, treated like they're nothing. It just breaks my heart.
  6. How sad...poor innocent children...breaks my heart..
  7. What gets me is, the meical proffesionals not only encourage the parents of such children to put them in institutions such as this, they guilt them into doing it. Then they get money (the medical people who run these types of places) from their govenment to "warehouse" these chidlren and adults.

    Next time you get caught in traffic, your Star Bucks is out of your favorite flavor, or a homeless person crosses your path, remember, But for the Grace of God go you.