Horrifying experience with my Cape Cod TGM


Oct 23, 2010
Hi all,

I would like to share my experience and it will be great if someone provide me some pointers and advice.

I bought a new watch back in February 2019 in U.K. Upon wearing for few months it has water resistance issue, water got in and there’s vapour forming.

I sent in for repair and it took two months or more. Subsequently after getting back my watch and again few months later the dial of the watch start to degrade.

Sent into repair AGAIN within a year. My watch is in pristine condition and took care of it very well. Upon collection after the second repair, the entire watch of mine got scratches everywhere.

I’m fuming. Why Hermes did not recall my faulty watch for internal QC? I have to undergo tedious process of getting my watch repair TWICE within a year. Now the watch got more scratches after came back from repair.

Devastated by the low quality of Hermes watches and also the after sales service.

Now I am stuck with a problematic watch full of scratches.
Can anyone provide me some advice and what kind of channel I can escalate the issue ?

Photo attached (left - before repair)(right - after repair)

Thank you!



May 6, 2015
I have a Cape Cod GM as well. This is a nice watch, but it is an overpriced fashion piece and not a watch one would buy out of fascination of mechanics.

It is only water resistant to 3 bars, this means it is splash resistant, but you should not even wear it in the shower. (But who wears a leather strap in the shower anyways?)

If these scratches on the back really bother you: who did you already contact about this? Store manager?
I once had an issue where I simply contacted the mail address listed on the home page. I took some time but it got resolved to my favor.
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Oct 23, 2010
Hi @HoneyLocks Thanks for the reply!

I treasure this watch a lot as it is my first luxury timepiece. Did not even had any water splashed.

The issue is, I had water resistance issue twice within a year. Why wouldnt Hermes recall this for internal investigation?

Actually the back is the only pic I took. The entire watch has now scratched. It was pristine like brand new before.

Even the SA tick the box NEW when I send in the watch.

I have also wrote an email to the manager waiting their reply.