Horrified !

  1. So I went into this consignment/2nd hand store today located in Danvers mass in the next town over from where I live, hoping to find something cool or vintage and they had an entire section dedicated to fake sig coach bags. They had all of the fugly ones that we have seen on the worst fakes thread. They had that huge black and white sig luggage one with the pocket in front and with plastic on the handles and she was selling it for 80 dollars. Ugly patchwork, fake carlys hobos with really bad stitching and where the cs didn't line up at at all the seams. Walls of this stuff And she kept her fake wallets in locked cases ! AS IF ! Just thought I would share
  2. The consignment store I have a lot of my cloths at has the same thing , all types of ugly bags LV Chanel , Coach Prada , Fake Spades , just nasty ! :throwup: :throwup: :weird:
  3. ugh! some people.... :yucky:

    stuff like that burns my butt.
  4. $80 for fake Coach makes me so :cursing: .
  5. By keeping the wallets locked up...is she trying to trick people into thinking they are real? :confused1:
  6. Went to our local consignment shop today too. No fake Coach but they did have a fake Prada and a fake Kate Spade.

    At least their prices were right on. $10!
  7. I just can't believe how many fakes are out there it makes me so :cursing:
  8. I heard a saying once......
    :yucky: A deal on sH!t is Always a sh!Tty deal
  9. I could care less if the store was selling them as replicas for $10; that's fine with me. However, an $80 price tag & keeping items locked up would imply to me that she's passing these off as real. Is that illegal? It should be--poor ppl that don't have tpf might think they are getting a good deal. The store owners should be held accountable, IMHO.
  10. That is terriable!
  11. You can report them to coach here. http://www.coach.com/cservice/FaqTemplate.aspx?faq_id=34

    reddianasaur just posted this in another post.

    Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy a fake bag:
    1. It is illegal; selling or buying more than two bags is considered trafficking
    2.Counterfeiters steal intellectual property and violate copyright laws.
    3.Counterfeit factories use forced child labor and sweatshops

    4.Evidence indicates that illegal counterfeiters funnel money to organized crime and terrorists, including Al-Qaeda.
    5.The FBI considers it a serious crime with implications for public safety and security
    6.Counterfeiters do not follow environmental regulations or safety guidelines
    7.Counterfeiting is detrimental to the United States economy and all of us. Business losses to illegal counterfeits are estimated to exceed $250 billion per year.
    8.Fake bags are made with poor quality materials and inferior craftsmanship. Counterfeiters
    often use the cheapest material available and no quality control.

    9.Counterfeits are overpriced! A cheap thrill shouldn't cost more than $30
    10.[COLOR=#c70808]D[/COLOR][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#cc0000]on't[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#cc0000] fak[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#c70808]e it[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=#c70808]![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][COLOR=#c70808] More people recognize knockoffs than you realize.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#c70808]copied from knowknockoffs.com[/COLOR]
  12. thats funny that she locked up the fake wallets:roflmfao:
  13. Did you tell the store owner that the bags were fake? If so, I'd call the police.
  14. Oh she knew ! I didn't stay long enough and she was busy ringing up clothes for people but I went to her daughter's store and she had vintage real coach so I figured her mother would have some cool stuff but she told me that I could try but that her mother gets all of that "fake coach stuff" I really don't think that she thinks what she is doing is wrong but nobody probably bothers with her and I sure the police around here don't care about that stuff. I just won't ever shop there or go in there again. I didn't even want to touch the stuff. She had fake Fendis too but for much cheaper.

  15. Gonna have to use that one....