Horrified experience at coach outlet....

  1. I visited the coach outlet store in Barstow Ca yesterday. I buy and sell authentic. Well when I went to pay for the nine bags I bought, I was told, to please just put the card cash away. They had a list of people selling coach products on eBay, and it was against their policy. I was also told to please not return to the store, ever again.

    So how do you sell anything new and authentic, if you are not allowed to?

    If I buy a car, and want to sell it, do I have to get a permission slip from the manufacturer?

    I am hot and feel violated. Who sells our names to coach to be able to discriminate like this.

    Please any help out there, I am upset and feel like I've been kicked.

    Thanks pursebabe
  2. buying to resell is against COACH's policy. for example, if someone tries to buy more than 3 of the same item, they can be banned. if they are in the outlets spending tons of money weekly and Coach is tracking this, they can be banned. they track by credit card numbers and such. so, i think that this has happened to other people as well and they won't lift the ban and other stores won't accept your money either..
    so sorry this has happened to you
  3. Yeah, as cherll says, if you're buying specifically to resell, Coach will ban you. It sort of makes sense to me, honestly - the resellers are bound to push the outlet shopper out of the market left unchecked. I mean, I've seen individuals come into the outlet and attempt to clear a whole shelf of bags, every single bag they can get. It doesn't seem fair to me, honestly. I do use eBay to sell old bags occasionally and I can't think that Coach would be too miffed about that (I mean, you can sell a used car, like you said), but to corner a market that Coach wants to control and drive up prices seems a little unfair. JMO.
  4. Just pay with cash?? They cant track that. But it is understood that buying to resell is against Coach Policy. You dont have to like it, their house, their rules.
  5. this happens a lot and gets posted on eBay forums a lot

    unforunately you're banned and there is no way to fix it

    best advice would be to pay cash at stores/outlets where they dont know you and make up an address and name.

    good luck!
  6. Most designers are against reselling of their products. I've heard that Hermes has done this to people too.

    I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I'm sure it was humiliating. :sad:
  7. Hi. If you want to weed through the posts, check out the 900 plus post on the EBay message board Shoes, Clothing.

    Feel free to post there, but please don't use your selling ID.

    You are in great company. Just go to another outlet and pay cash (and don't buy 9 bags at a time).
  8. if you're banned, couldn't you just buy 2 or 3 things and pay w/ cash to get around it?
  9. Swanky, from what I have learned, they may have photos of banned people in their back room. I am not 100% sure of this. Or if it may be just those who have gotten caught violating the Ban.

    The ebay thread is very informative if you can weed through the personal stuff. There are also some threads on the clothing board.

    (I know that this forum doesn't like us pointing to other forums, but the OP here is an ebay seller and since she is new, she can't get PM sending her to the ebay forum)
  10. Or even have someone else go with you and buy them with cash. That way you wouldn't have to make up a name and address. :shrugs:
  11. how could they have photos of the probably thousands of people who have been banned? maybe in the region they live in that would be possible, but I couldn't imagine nationwide.

    I am fascinated and scared to death about this stuff

    noshoepolish,you seem like you've read up a lot on this, tell us more! :yes:
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  14. wow I had no idea of this policy. I would never buy just to turn around re-sell but still.
  15. wow I had never herad about this....
    there are so many outlets in Ca that surley yu can find another.