Horrified and sickened, I saw a fake Chanel tote

  1. So today around noon I was at Wild Oats in Long Beach. I was in line and the woman in front of me had a hidious fake Chanel tote, it the stitching was all akimbo, it had big white CC on front and back, and it had....FEET..Gold metal inch high feet. Then, to my dismay, when she paid she whipped out a fake LV mono wallet, the LV's were about 3 square inches each. It ruined my appetite, and that is hard to do. WHY!!:cursing:
  2. I will NOT carrry any of my LV bags or accessories in my area because of all the fakes being carried. I just remember that the people out there who know the real thing don't have to wonder about my Chanel or LV, they know its real. I do not understand why someone wants to carry fakes, I'd just rather have something genuine in my price range, than carry a fake.
  3. Oh sorry you have to witnessed that! I also saw a lot of fakes today, I don't know why!
  4. Maybe it is "Carry Your Nasty Fake Designer Handbag" day in Los Angeles.
  5. i saw the same fake chanel today at lunch.. like always..... blechh.. and kinda OT but this girl had a fake coach scribble tote with blue pleather trim... she wipped out her hot pink crocodile prada wallet...what an uber fake...... i think she also has a nasty whipstitch chanel...

  6. ooo its in texas also :throwup:
  7. LMAO! Funny. You should see all the fake LV's in NY. I'm sure LV has some great stuff, but seein' all the fakes out here, I'm just LVed out. I remember back in the 80's, I was visiting my cousin in Miami. She had a bag n' told me it was a Louis Vuitton. Anywho, the initials weren't LV, but NL! I guess that stood for Not a Louis.
  8. lol....that's so funny:lol: yeah but i see many fake bags around here...
  9. lol....that's so funny:lol: yeah but i see many fake bags around here...and I get mad when one of them wonder if mine was fake!!!!!OMG, i almost shout at her 'Hey, u're the one who carrying fake!!!dont point at me!!' darn!!!but I just manage to put that fake (as fake as her bag):Push: and say that mine is the real one..
  10. I saw a fake chanel cambon medium tote, black with white cc's and the cc's had a heart connecting them. She was carrying this bag IN South Coast Plaza. It was heinous.

  11. NO! She carried the monstrosity to the Mother Ship?? Did you say anything?:wtf:
  12. This is is just so terrible. Just yesterday someone came in my office to tell me about her trip to Florence. Saying she and her kids had such a wonderful time. To my utter horror she tell me about the fake Prada she purchased for her 14 year old daughter. Goes on to say how proud her daughter is of her bag. I nearly fainted, could not believe it. These People have no money concerns, do not get it. I told her she should purchase her daughter a small LV, she says, no way, OMG. People are always saying I cannot believe your teen carries all of these expensive bags. Oh well, we don't do fake, that is just a terrible thing.

  13. LOL!! Yes to the Mother Ship!! It was during the Christmas shopping season last year!! NO, I didn't I think I was still in shock from the purchases I had made. The straps were the interwoven leather and silver chains, instead of the cambon leather. It was just wrong.
  14. I totally agree!!! Can you believe that people actually carry those fakes into the boutiques?? Embarrassing!

  15. ewwwwwwwwwww.... my friend tells other gilrls that if they are carrying a fake, everyone can tell, and they would be oh so unpopular... it kinda worked some of the girls stopped carrying theirs...:jammin: