Horrific experience with Celine - this is blowing my mind.

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  1. I‘m so sorry for you, please keep us updated! This is horror!
    I‘m lucky that I can buy my bags in a store with 2 lovely SA‘s, the make a great job and the service is excellent! I once had to send one Celine to the pampering and that was a great experience, too. So what happened to you is not Celine in general! But online orders are anonymous and they never see their customers. Online we are just numbers. I ordered a lot online from Louis Vuitton and had once the same problem. Because I had a bad expirience with the online team before I send the in my eyes scratched bag they send me without any words back to them and I had luck, it passed quality control and they charged me back. But that also means they would have send it to the next customer I believe. Since then I order a lot less online.
    If the person, who packed the item scratched it and thinks it‘s easier to send it as to handle her/his boss, maybe because he/she is afraid to lost the job, the company will always think the customer did this to the bag...

    I really hope that you get your money back, I wish you luck!
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  2. So sorry to hear this happened to you, hope cc company is able to resolve. It must feel awful to be wrongfully accused like that.

    This kind of behavior from luxury retailers mystifies me. The markup on all of this stuff is so outrageous that it doesn’t make financial sense for the company to quibble about issuing a refund and eating the production cost of the bag (even if it had been your fault) when they will definitely lose you as a customer forever if they don’t. Maybe you would have dropped $50k in the future.
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  3. Go to court. If you do not feel like hiring atturney, use small claims. The $ limit of damages in CA is 7000.
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  4. Horror plus awful
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  5. So sorry this happened to you! This looks like a display bag IMO. I would take it to their social media accounts and kick it up the chain internally. I wish you a speedy resolution.
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  6. I agree with @LailaT that this is part of the leather. It will patina over time and is part of its charm.

    Thst said, not everyone likes it and if it's not for you, you should be able to return it. Celine employees should be familiar with the leather and with your photos understand it is part of the bag. I hope you're able to get your money back and am sorry that you're having to go through this.
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  7. So sorry this happened to you. I think it was nice of you to try to resolve this with them, I would probably just dispute the transaction with my credit card company and tell them what happened. They may be in a better position to talk to the seller since they are in the business and they know the drill. Especially this looks like you’re treated unfairly because they wouldn’t show you any evidence and just concluded that your bag wasn’t eligible to be returned. Hope you get this resolved as soon as possible
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  8. You both make an excellent point about this being the nature of the leather. As I mentioned in my original post, when I first opened the package and saw the marks, my first thought wasn't immediately "oh, this is damaged." I did, in fact, wonder if this might be the nature of the leather and some number of marks are to be expected. That said, I wasn't CONFIDENT that this was the case. I truly wasn't sure. This uncertainty is precisely what caused me to take those photos.

    However, if this were normal and expected to some degree, why on earth would Celine deny a refund on its basis? And if it isn't, well then... they aren't being completely honest about the history of this bag.

    Once again, I appreciate everyone's input, and will absolutely keep you posted.
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  9. For the same reason, they tried to deny your refund for damage to the handles of the bag; their CS is lacking.

    Also, please note in case my post came off as unsupportive, just because this is one of the attributes of the leather doesn't mean I'm not completely supportive of your decision to return it and sympathetic to your frustration with their CS. I only stated it to reinforce that the employees should have known and accepted the return. I'm sorry if that adds to the frustration.
  10. I'm so sorry this happened to you! This makes me scared of making big purchases online. I have seen these "scratches" before in person on a black box bag on display at my local Nordstrom just a week ago. I was comparing the box bag to the new Triomphe bag (since they are similar in design) and noticed those scratches all over the box bag. I pointed it out to the SA and she apologized for the appearance of the bag and note the scratches/marks came from customers handling the bag over time, given the bag has been on display for a while.I don't own any bags in a smooth leather finish (I prefer pebbled to hide future marks - I'm clumsy), but I would expect my own bag to look like that over time.

    Of course, I would not be happy if my new, expensive bag came like that. If there were to be scratches or marks, it better be made by me only. I wish you good luck with your situation!
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  12. Absolutely no worries about the tone of your response - it didn't come across as unsupportive. I 100% understand the point about different types of leather having different properties, and recognize that many of our preferences are personal and subjective. I actually wouldn't rule out natural leather for a different kind of handbag, one that I wore a bit more casually, but as the Celine Classic Box was going to be a bit more of an occasional/dressy bag for me, I felt this aesthetic wasn't going to work.

    And as Tiff mentioned above, it's one thing to own a handbag that develops scratches/patina with use over time, but quite another if/when the bag arrives with marks already, right?