Horrid customer service at 57th st again

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  1. A few months back I wanted to buy a necklace, shoes, and jewelry. No one would help me. All the SAs were just talking to themselves. I asked for a manager they said there weren't any in the store. No one was in the store! Empty. They know me well there. I sent a letter of complaint to Chanel got a small gift back and a letter of apology. Now about 4 months later, I went up to the shoe floor and the clothes floor. There are tons of shoes, and a whole floor of clothes. Maybe 2 or 3 people looking. I was interested in a jacket. Two SAs were talking to each other. I had to get the jackets, try them on, put them back while these 2 morons just talked to each. Another person buying 2 jackets was there. I said what kind of service is this? She said I know they don't help you anymore. They're just standing there. When I was leaving the SA came over and said R U taking anything? NO! I decided w/such awful service Chanel can go to the hell! I expect the SA to help me, put the jacket on me, pull up the cuffs and tuck the jacket in a bit so I can see how it fits. I expect service for thousands of dollars! There's a reason 57th is doing so badly. This has been going on for the last year since Doug left. The people in charge need to be fired. I don't get it. The SAs make money on commission and it's so slow, yet they won't move. Many new people there since they are fired after 3 months if they don't make their numbers.
  2. It may be a bit out of the way but have you considered other boutiques in the area such as Short Hills NJ (in NJ there's also no sales tax on clothes and shoes) ? There are 2 stores in there one in NM and the other is a stand alone in the mall. There's also a few more located throughout the city you can try as well. Anyways, if they were ignoring you I say too bad, they just miss out on extra sales. I would just brush it off- I wouldn't take it personally at all. Didn't know the 57th street boutique was that cumbersome :/
  3. I'm so sorry for your experience :sad: If you're open to Saks, I know someone who is really lovely there. Not snobby and doesn't hard sell either when you have his attention. When I purchased from him, he actually tried to convince me not to buy and kept stressing that the lambskin is really delicate and I should wait. His honesty was actually want convinced me to buy the bag from him.
  4. I'm very sorry for your experience because it is also the boutique I go to most often and I don't find that a problem. I know a very nice SA at that location if you ever want to shop there again.
  5. I am from around the area and honestly from customer service standpoint - none beats the Short Hills boutique. Personally, from the ones I frequent, I would rank service from Short Hills, NJ -> Bloomingdales NYC -> Sakes NYC -> Neiman Marcs NJ.

    In all honesty, I would only buy from other locations if Short HIlls didn't order the particular style or don't have it yet (and I came upon it at the other locations). I know that Short Hills is going to be moving to a new larger spot and they will have Ready to wear also after they move. Perhaps you can pay them a visit after that to see if they are to your liking. I love ALL of the staff there - they truly exemplify Chanel customer service as it should be. that reflects not on individual SA's, but rather a well ran well managed boutique. :tup:
  6. Oh wow what horrid customer service! That sounds terrible! I haven't shopped there for a while but Doug was such a sweetheart to me! It seemed my SA left too and she had been there for a while. I was just at Bloomingdales browsing RTW last week and a very friendly SA came up and tried to be helpful right away. Too bad I wasn't looking to buy from bloomies but I was impressed because I was dressed casually and didn't engage her at all. It was refreshing. So my recommendation is to try them out next time!
  7. i agree, the customer experience at Short Hills was exemplary in both the boutique and Neiman Marcus.