Horrible Vanilla Soufflot

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm new here.

    I just bought a Vanilla Soufflot from eBay. To my dissapointment, it arrived this afternoon stinking of glue! It was supposed to be UN-USED (NEW). It's dented on one side, the harware are not consistent. Some are shiney some are matt. The little pochette that comes with it had a really crooked stiff (from glue) strap. The were brown bits on the end of the zipper; probably glue.

    I am so so so very dissapointed...

    Sorry for the rant. I am new to eBay too. Now I'm scared of eBay...
  2. Sorry to hear that - there are a lot of great people here who can authenticate before you buy - I'd try that before your next purchase - ebay can be really disappointing, I know!
  3. Thanks. Aren't the hardware supposed to be the same throughout?
  4. contact the sell and demand a refund!!!! If that does not work call your credit card company and do a chargeback
  5. I am second to that
  6. So sorry to hear this..
    Be careful with ebay, and feel free to post in the "Autenticate this..." section of the forum for help.
  7. Yes. Done that but it's only a partial refund. :sad: She charge a restockign fee. :sad:
  8. Sorry to hear about your dissapointing experience.
    I stay away from Ebay now.
  9. That is how people who sell fakes make money. They count on returns and refunds so they come up with a BS "re-stocking" fee. You should demand ALL your money back and remind the seller that selling counterfeit bags is illegal and she can be prosecuted for mail fraud.
  10. I'm so sorry you had that experience, that's what scares me about ebay ... do what the tpfr's ^^^^ say and good luck, hope you get all your money back!
  11. file a claim with paypal..
  12. Tsk....sorry to hear that. Sounds like a fake bag to me if it looks like your bag was only "glued" together. LV has high standards, hence the craftsmanship and the price. I hate scammers! I had a bad experience from ebay too.
  13. those fraud sellers! Don't accept partial frefund, if PayPal don't give you 100% back, contact credit card company and demand full refund! good luck!
  14. I was burned by ebay as well. It was my first LV purchase, and it turned out to be a fake. Soooo disappointing!! Now it's the LV boutique for me.
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