horrible story

  1. I just heard one of my friends about this thing.
    She is a officer in a government , i forgot what department is. She is now working in the Guangzhou, a city in southern China, which is also notorious for making fake bags. I am sure, at least 20% of the fake designer bags are from that city.
    ok, so, back to what i heard.

    Because of her job, she actually have some knowledge about the fake goods producing "industry" in Guangzhou. She said once she met a guy, who apparently is rich by selling all his fake products. He told her that, what he is doing now is faking all LV products since there are large demand of LV in Asia. the terrible part is how he does it.
    He actually buy several real things from the boutique, and have a group of craftmen who would examine the authentic products, even cut them into pieces to see the everything inside. They bought the same materials as what the authentic stuff use. And, as he said, copy everything!!!!
    He mentioned that there are many factories who are doign the fake things, cutting the cost by using different materials. His theory is "spending more and getting more paid". He actually said that he even sold some of his stuff to some consignment shops at half price.
    I hope this is not true. It is really scary for me to know that when my friend told me this. Since she is not a fan of designer bags, so she could not remember what he said about the authenticity. But she did tell me that the guy told her a lot about what are the "tips" to judge if one thing is authentic or not.
    It would be horrible if the fake makers start "using their brains" and "work harder"
    on their stuff.
  2. oh man! Fakers are getting worse!
  3. why doesn't she report the guy to the proper authorities?
  4. as far as I know, the situation in Guangzhou is pretty bad, too many factories are making fakes. I actually asked her the question, she said, no one would care, there have been too many complaints, and since she is a junior level, she even does not know where the complaints go to in the end.
  5. That's terrible
  6. Man. That really bites!
  7. Well then how about letting Louis Vuitton in Paris know? She sounds like she has pretty specific info like this guys name?

  8. This is so sad. I hate fakes... Wish there is a way to stop them.
  9. that is really a good idea.
    But, then that just reminds me another thing.
    I assume LV knows all the fakes in China and in other countries. Why didn't they do anything? I am really curious to know what do they think? why don't they start doing something to stop all these fake things?
  10. ^^^I'm sure they are aware too. I'm sure politics has alot to do with it. But if everyone who has info just keeps it to themselves then nothing will absolutely ever get done.
  11. that sucks that people get rich from selling fakes!
  12. There have been articles in Harper's Bazaar about this area..apparently the government is making it so that the landlords will be fined for letting people who sell counterfeit merchandise do so in their buildings.
    I don't really know how well this is abided by though.
  13. That is terrible but I'm not surprised. My several classmates are really excited to buy fake stuff (not limited to LV) when we go on our class China trip and I just cringe at their excitement. :yucky:
  14. Even if OP's friend do report on that guy, i am 99% sure he either have connections in legal system or can shred enough $ to get his way out. It's the rule of all business in China, either you 'know' someone or you can shred some $ to have it your way:cursing:

    however pp do report the authorities are enforcing the rules in Beijing b/c of 2008's Olympic, not sure how far the influence would be for the rest of China?:shrugs:
  15. I guess better than nothing, but, the thing is, only punish those who sells are not enough, they could always sell overseas....