Horrible service at the BH LV - STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2009
    I want to start by saying that normally we get great service at Beverly Hills LV.

    Here is what happened.

    On last Saturday we had our monthly TPF meet.
    After lunch we went over to LV. Where we had a really bad experience, one of the girls was thinking about buying a new wallet. She picked one up that was sitting there and this REALLLLLLLLY rude SA comes over GRABS it out of her hand and yells at her she needs to have an SA help her and storms off and then walks over to someone else and asks if he can help them. We complained to the manager, who knows us and knows how much we buy in there. I am sure nothing will happen. One person did buy a luggage tag there but otherwise no one else was in the mood to buy anything after the RUDE SA. The whole time we were in there he just kept looking at us giving us really dirty looks and was just a complete A-HOLE. He was really short and skinny with very short dark hair.
  2. That's terrible!
  3. Wow, that unfortunate. It seems from your story, and others' stories here, that they really (really) do not like you to touch a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g without SA assistance. I wonder if that's because they're worries someone might run off with something or just damage it while holding??

    Either way, sorry about your unpleasant experience.
  4. It seems like the service is getting worse and worse. This is the 2nd unpleasant experience I have had at the Rodeo location in the last few weeks.

    About a week ago I was in there with a fellow TPF'er. I had a shawl with me, I had bought a while ago. I had it with me to show my friend. She was thinking about buying it. It was totally brand new and unused. So I was showing it to her while we were in the store. She decided it was not her style and she did not want to buy it. The SA said that she might be able to exchange it for me for something else. She needed to check with the manager. I gave her the receipt and the shawl and she took it to the back to the manager. A few minutes later she came back and said no problem the manager approved the exchange and I could pick out something else. I was SOOOOOOO HAPPY. I picked out the rose pop ZCP for the exchange. She went to ring up my exchange and my friends purchase. A bag, a bag charm and a wallet. Then the manager that agreed to the exchange came out from the back and she said she changed her mind and that she is no longer going to do the exchange since the purchase was over 30 days ago. She would not budge.

    I would have been totally fine if I was told originally that it had been too long. I am fine with the rules. I did not bring the shawl in with me to exchange it. I brought it to show my friend and the opportunity came up.

    Don't tell someone something and then change your mind after. That is WRONG.
  5. That is wrong! What is wrong with these LV associates?? They need to be fired! I don't think now is a good time to treat customers like DIRT with the economy the way it is!

    Take the scarf back without a receipt and tell them it was a gift! ;)
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    They will still need to look up the purchase. There is really no way around the 30 day time limit. I am fine with their policy. It is just that they said yes and then I picked something new out THEN they said no as it was being rung up.

    I have actually sold the scarf (at a loss) I used the money towards my new ZCP.
  7. so sorry to hear about this bad service at LV....
  8. The SA's don't even care. I have told so many SA's about TPF and every time I ask them if they have checked it out. I get "oh I lost it, give me the info again" So I do, and they lose it again.

    They know our group when we come in is from TPF and they don't care.

    I even told them I was going to post about Ramon and they were like "oh okay" THEY DON'T CARE
  9. I am sorry to hear about your experiences with SAs & manager at the BH LV. Overall the behavior of many SAs seems to be becoming more biotchy (based on what I have read here & a couple of first hand experiences that I have had). If Ramon didn't want your friend to touch the item, then he could have politely asked her if she needed help & somehow graciously taken it from her.

    With the current economy, LV really needs to give their SAs some lessons in customer service. People who can still afford to purchase LV - even with economy the way it is - are not going to stick around after getting crappy service. I have some money saved that I can use to get a new bag next weekend if I want. If I get treated like *poop*, however, I will walk out empty handed.
  10. Beljwl,
    Sorry to hear about the crappy service from the SA you encountered. I wonder if it's just unique to this location since it is the one that caters to celebrities??? Is there another boutique you can start using??
  11. They will start caring once their daily #s start going down due to crappy service, and some of them get canned as a result.

    I think the best way to deal with this problem is to walk out (like you did) and buy what you want somewhere else. Pretty soon corporate will take notice if certain stores & SAs are under-performing, especially if the company as a whole is struggling in the US.
  12. Thanks...

    Actually, the other stores in the area are WAY worse. Century City and Beverly Center are beyond horrible. I refuse to buy anything from Beverly Center or Century City.

    To get my new ZCP I drove 40 miles each, just so I would not have to shop at any of the 5 LV's that I have within 5 miles of where I live.
  13. Yikes! If I'd known touching a wallet was going to cause such a stir, I would have kept my hands off!! Thanks to my TPF friends at the meet who made me feel like less of a leper.

    The thing is, I'm mostly a Balenciaga girl and I rarely venture into LV (except when at a meet, of course). I'm used to touching everything--that's what leather-obsessed Bal gals do!

    Anyway, I think I'll be taking my business to Saks...
  14. For anyone in Southern California...I have had FANTASTIC service at the South Coast Plaza store as well as the LV in Bloomingdales in South Coast. I have had several different SA's and all were friendly, helpful and did not get huffy if we walked away empty handed.
  15. rude SAs really piss me off. that was totally uncalled for!!.

    i dont understand it, it is sooo easy to be polite and being rude takes effort so i dont understand the rudeness. i was at hermes today, one of my hermes towels had some loose threads and my SA offered me a refund, store credit or a replacement without me even having to ask or show a receipt. for what we pay, they really should be more polite and accommodating.