Horrible Quality For Fashion Jewelry

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    I have two pairs of Chanel earrings. One is a CC darkened that I purchased for my mom's birthday a few years back.
    She wore them perhaps 10 times. Another pair is several years old, I wore the dangling pearl with CC earings perhaps 3 or 4 times.
    I am fanatical about my jewelry. Both pairs have been in their boxes undisturbed. I opened them yesterday, and both pairs are missing stones.
    The darkened limited edition CCs are blackish now. They oxidized terribly. One CC is missing 3 stones. The other pair which I wore 3 or 4 times, again in the box, new, is missing several stones also. I am furious. I just purchased a brand new necklace, almost $3K. I am disgusted at the quality.
    SAs can't do anything. I was told to take photos and email customer care and they would get back to me. 4 days later, no one called back. Again, I called, no one answered the phone, I was told to leave a message and number and someone would return my call, no one called hours later.
    This is disgusting. Disgusting service and disgusting quality. I'm thinking of returning the necklace I just bought. Luckily all my mother pins/cuffs earrings are intact. We rarely even wore these earrings and the stones have fallen out. Does anyone know who is in charge of fashion jewelry.
    This is not acceptable. Do they expect us to pay exorbitant fees for costume jewerly and it just breaks within a few times of wearing it?

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  2. Here's the other pair. The photo of one earring shows 3 stones that are missing.

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  3. I'm sorry but not surprised at the poor quality . I would continue to call and email until you get your money back or receive a refund. Luxury brands need to stand behind their products. Oftentimes companies respond to social media complaints much faster so perhaps you can blast them on instagram. I am not a fan of Chanel jewelry or any other fashion house jewelry for the exact reason you have stated. They are often overpriced junk with their logo.
  5. Where do I blast them on instagram? I plan on reporting them to BBB. I spent $3K on a stunning necklace, but it's special. I have so many chanel clothes and needed a necklace. The stones are set not glued but I still have 1-1/2 wks to return it.

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  6. Does Chanel have a social media account on any platform? If so, use that. Other options would be to go to a different boutique if one is available in your area, continue emailing and calling. The necklace is pretty, but it's not so different or unusual that it's worth $3k, especially if you're questioning the quality. Fine jewelry has a 500 - 1000% mark up. But they are selling you necklaces with gold, silver, real gemstones, pearls etc. When you purchase fashion house jewelry you are paying for a design. But imho there is an assumption that when purchasing luxury items there will be quality behind the design. Also you are a walking advertisement for the fashion house. Surely that should be worth them standing behind their product. Clearly that isn't the case here. You can buy beautiful jewelry at Nordstrom, TJMaxx and at your local jewelry for far less. And you can return it if it's less than perfect.
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  7. That is why I sold all my Chanel costume jewelry. The quality is sub-par, disappointing. This has never happened to any of my Hermes costume jewelry. And just saving a bit more money, I could buy myself a real piece of gold jewelry at Van Cleef, Tiffany and Cartier.
  9. I promised myself I wouldn't buy Chanel jewelry, and of course, this blew me away.
    3K is ridiculous for costume jewelry. But I fell in love with it. I didn't expect to open two boxes of Chanel earrings that are basically new and the stones were gone. THis necklace is stunning in person. I have been looking for something unusual for years. All the stones are set not clued or back it would go without question. VCA isn't so hot either. THeir findings are crap. THeir earrings fall off, they have cut down on gold so what do they do, make short posts whereby the posts barely comes out of your ear. THeir fluerette posts are paper thin and their "la pousette" backings will not even hold the earring in place. I can go on and on. THey repaired my earrings twice (just had to put posts on) and they fell off twice. Good thing I was home. Quality is crap all over. VCA is making a fortune from Mother of pearl, malachite, stones are worth 5 cents. But I am seriously considering returning the necklace. It just I have a lot of Chanel clothes and you need some chanel jewelry to get a total CHANEL LOOK.
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  10. Even though the stones are set... the metal can still tarnish. All it’s gonna take is one problem with that necklace to set you off (rightly so for $3,000). I imagine you will end up constantly checking it over and over waiting for another problem. I don’t think it’s worth the trouble or money.
  11. Sorry this happened, as others have said, their costume jewelry is overpriced. This isn't in any way to place blame on you, but there are a few ways you can choose costume jewelry pieces to reduce the chance its low quality will show. For anyone considering buying costume jewelry, it's best to avoid anything with crystals or tiny pearls. The costume jewelry that holds up best is generally made of solid metal. Glass pearl strands hold up well, but I find the ones that come with solid metal CCs or rigidly encrusted crystals/pearls to be the best option (latter is still a risk). Also Chanel costume jewelry is made with Swarovski crystals which aren't all that expensive. Therefore it's surprisingly easy to replace crystals that fall out. Not that you should have to with that kind of price tag...The metal pieces that tarnish can be re-plated as well. I've done both types of repairs.

    For me, when I get costume jewelry I accept that the deal is nowhere as good as buying fine jewelry. I see them as different things and I get a lot of joy out of wearing my costume jewelry pieces especially from Chanel, Dior and Celine. I try to buy pieces that are on the safer side (as mentioned above) but generally accept that I have to enjoy them while they last. I love wearing Chanel costume jewelry with Chanel RTW and it does give it that extra something. But I'm not terribly upset when it ends up needing repairs or just flat out breaks. I'm in no way saying that Chanel's prices are justified and that they should be getting away with charging so much for something so low quality. The quality to price ratio of everything in the boutique is actually horrible if you ask me, but the costume jewelry is probably the worst offender.

    With all that having been said, I think you should return the necklace. Given your recent experiences you're unlikely to wear it without a great amount of worrying. What will likely happen is that this piece will sit in the box as well until you find it has randomly tarnished or has lost crystals when you finally do take it out.
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    I'm thinking about returning it. believe me. I haven't had problems with most of the jewelry. the repair is $100 or more for 1 cent rhinestone. That's insane. What gets me is that in Asia and all of the EU they do repairs for free. ONly in the USA do they charge for repairs. Someone buys one or two items and they repair for free 5 years later. Someone like me that has a ton of Chanel, is to pay $100 for a 1 cent stone. But if I had worn these all the time, threw them around, etc it would be different. These items were barely worn 4 times the most for the pearl earring? No one is more careful with their jewelry. Everything goes back in the box. I have never thrown anything on a table/desk. I'm fastidious real/or fake. I was taught this way. That's the difference. Yes Chanel has to be enjoyed. Delicate but beautiful. I wouldnt get a pearl necklace without it having metal in between. One SA told me never get anything pearls or stones with string in between from Chanel, a disaster. I've seen fights at chanel over pearl necklaces breaking and falling in the street and one girl missed the warranty by a day, and they wanted $200. I saw fights at Soho. I'm thinking about it. I do have the classic pearl necklace and luckily no problem it has metal in between hasn't tarnished. The pins haven't tarnished. IDK what happened with these earrings. I'm going tuesday and I will call tomorrow we'll see what happens. I think I'm crazy to spend that much on costume jewelry
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  13. Does anyone have this GLIVER metal? Does it tarnish badly? I haven't had any problem with the rest of my silver/WG type jewelry.
    I don't have GLIVER. This necklace is a very light gold. Let me know if you have had problems with it tarnishing.
  14. Yeah I hear you. I do my own repairs so I don't have to pay $100 for a 1 cent stone as you say. You just need glue that doesn't make the stone opaque after you set it. It's not for everyone though, of course, and I get that people don't want to have to tinker at home with their $500+ jewelry. It's all a bit silly isn't it, that this is even a problem. Chanel should repair this jewelry and stand behind their items. Anyway, I kind of do throw mine around because I can't be bothered to baby everything. I've done that with items and I never get the cost per wear out of them when I'm afraid to take them out. I figure that if I'm going to lose stones and have this jewelry break I better get my wear and enjoyment out of them without worrying. When the time comes when I'm upset but their lack of quality, I'll probably stop buying it. Objectively, it really is not worth it. It must be like printing money for Chanel because I swear all their jewelry costs less than $100 to make, and that's a generous estimate.
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  15. Chanel called me back, finally, and told me to bring in the jewelry to see if it can be exchanged/repaired etc. They wanted to see if it was true that they were barely used. Although polite, the girl said they can tell if an item is used or not, they have their ways. I know they are looking for peels, dents, scratches, and I see none. So we'll see if they accomodate me or not.
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