Horrible NYE >"<, Black Lamb Clutch color transfer!

  1. OMG! Arghh, I'm super mad now! Please tell me mine is defect, is Lambskin THIS fragile!? @ friends' house celebrating NYE, had Starbucks (our NY resolution: sober 2008), after grabing an overflowing Marchiato(sp?), I noticed few drops of it on my Timeless clutch. So I went into restroom, absorb the coffee w/tissue, then wipe it w/damp tissue to remove the stickyness...and the horror begins!:cursing: As i pick up the clutch after drying my hands, it left black inprints on the creamy sink counter!! There's no color transfers on dry or damp tissues, but the fade is somewhat noticeable at the right angle, and the stain will not come off of the sink counter:crybaby: I feel so sorry for the sink!

    Gosh, was it the coffee or the water that's causing this to happen? Also can I restore the fade by using black leather polish?
  2. I hate to say it, but I think lambskin IS that fragile. I know that other bags have gotten water spots so this unfortunately doesn't seem as though it's an isolated icident.
  3. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry!! I don't have any advice but I do hope everything works out. Call your SA when you can and ask for their advice. Good luck with everything!
  4. Oh no!!!

    Number one enemy of lambskin is water...............
  5. T.T I didn't know the carfsmanship of Chanel's lambskin is at this level.....I've wipe LV's Olympe Lambskin bag w/o any problem. My friend is more concern about my clutch, but I'm more concern about her sink....rats!
  6. :wtf: Really!? Then how come SA didn't tell me to avoid water?? Besides my lambskin(not Chanel) jacket didn't have any color transfer or water spots when it have some rain drops:confused1: Was it b/c of different dye/techniques or the softer the lambskin, the easier it is to get water spot?? *sniff*:s
  7. I think it's the way Chanel makes/treats its lambskin, Classic-Chic. When I bought my lambskin "rouge clair" flap (?), the SA said to me to use it very carefully and if it rains, don't use it and treat it like an occassional/evening bag. Stains are very difficult to remove etc etc etc.

    But I know what you mean about lambskin. I have a lambskin jacket and water is no enemy to it. I am really sorry about your clutch and your friend's sink. See if there is any bleach that might help remove the stain. And speak to a Chanel SA to see if your clutch can be fixed. When and where did you buy it? You should be able to get it fixed free of charge if you bought it recently.

    [I like Taiwan too.]
  8. thanks Miffy~ I was just shocked at the fact even Coach can master their dye technique of lambskin....

    Her maid will probably remove the stain by using those scrubs, but we all know it makes the sink get stain even more easy.....*sniff*

    BTW I bought it from Saks.
  9. Hey, my advice is take it back to Chanel and see if they can redye it for you. I know they can, but depending on how old the bag is, it may or may not be free.
  10. Yes, take your bag to Chanel and let them do whatever is necessary to fix it. (Black shoe polish may help a bit but I suspect there will be an area that does not match the rest of the finish.)

    As for the sink, what material is it? Do not do anything to it until doing some research. It could be that some baking soda and lemon juice may be enough to lift it out. But Google the sink material and then see what is suggested for stains -- BEFORE scrubbing with an abrasive that may scratch it.

    Although the experience is veryupsetting, these things can be fixed.
  11. Wow, so sorry this happened, be sure to let us know how this turns out.
  12. i'm so sorry! i can imagine how upset you must be. i definitely agree, please find more info about the sink before anyone scrubs or bleaches (especially if it's marble)! and good luck with chanel, i hope they will take care of it for you, they certanly should!
  13. Nothing from my SA yet. Her sink is natural Marble....will keep you ladies update, thanks for the support!
  14. I'm not sure what's happened to your bag. I was in NY city last week and had my red flap with me. It was raining both days that I was there. I was a little concern about my bag because I was walking in and out of shops. The bag got wet a couple of times but it dried up at the hotel without a stain. I was very pleased.
  15. about the sink, in sure mr clean magic eraser will get the stain out.