Horrible LV experience! Long Post

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  1. I know a lot of you out there have had some bad boutique experiences, but this was my first and I was so shocked at having been treated this way that I think it compounded the whole nastiness of it.

    Anyway.. as many of you know, I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy. I just had my baby shower on the 24th and DH and I decided that we would take a day trip to San Diego the next day to buy all the things we still needed for the baby since it would be my last outing (I'm now under Dr's orders to not leave town). Well, for Valentine's Day I had received a BH and after the ordeal with the price change and all I had decided to treat myself to a scarf. I called my SA in Scottsdale and asked for "the multicolored scarf, but not the bandeau" in both black and white. I thought I was asking for the 22" x 22" scarf, but when I got my package in the mail it was not at all what I had in mind. After some research on vuitton.com I realized she had sent the 'chiffon scarf.' It was way too big for my needs so I decided I would return it in San Diego rather than be embarassed that I hadn't been more specific in my phone order.

    To make the situation even weirder, my SA had left out the receipt! She's super sweet, and I didn't want to make her feel bad, so I called the 866 number and made sure I could do a boutique to boutique return without a receipt. They assured me that I could, since all they would have to do is look up my name. Well, I walked in to LV Horton Plaza and said I wanted to make a return. The SA's smile melted away since it ment they would probably be starting the day at a negative. I started explaining my story as she opened the boxes and pulled out one of the scarves. As soon as I got to the "I don't have a receipt" part she said "Ooh, this is NOT authentic."

    EXCUSE ME?? I was completely dumbfounded. She went on to say that she had never seen one 'like this' before, etc. I pointed out that I was easily able to find it on vuitton.com, but she ignored me from that point on. And darn if it wasn't a crying day! How I wished that I had already been in a bad mood that day so I could have been a :censor: and told her off. Just because she's never seen it before doesn't mean it's fake! The Horton store is the size of a shoebox, I wouldn't be surpised that they haven't seen A LOT of things before! So as my eyes began to turn red and water DH got on the phone to call my regualar SA in Scottsdale, but she was out to lunch. He asked again (to the person on the phone in Scottsdale) if making a return in San Diego was possible and again, they assured him it was. He pointed out to the snotty SA that they had just told him to look up my name, but she said "we can't do that." At that point I grabbed my boxes and stormed out of the store where I proceeded to cry like the world was ending.

    I didn't even feel like shopping afterwards. We left Horton Plaza and their horrible vegetable parking lot. DH treated me to a nice quiet lunch at El Torrito (my favorite place as of late) and in the middle of our meal my SA returned our call. DH spoke to her since I hadn't recovered yet and she was shocked that I had been treated that way. Plus I think she was blown away by how stupid the SAs at Horton Plaza were. She felt horrible about the receipt thing (see, that was why I didn't want to make a big deal of it!) and told DH to just mail back the scarves and she would take care of the whole thing. She also passed on the message that she had secured my Dentelle wallet, but couldn't send it out till mid march when it launched. That made me feel a teenie bit better, but I'm still very PO'd at the Horton Plaza girl.
  2. OMG this SA was so rude...please please complain. You were so badly treated and you are totally right to be mad. How dare she say the scarf was fake...what an Idiotic itch (with a B infront of it). Call the store and tell them so they can check this out I think the SA should at least ring you with an apology. :flowers:
  3. Ugh, I'm sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, I've been to Horton, and although I've had some nice experiences there, the girls can be kinda mean...

    Please, def. complain. The manager there is actually quite nice...
  4. I really feel for you--I'm sorry that happened--really ruins the LV boutique experience! I usually go to the Horton Plaza location to buy my LVs. Do you remember the name of the SA who helped you? Maybe you can report her to her manager or something.

    It sounds like your Scottsdale SA will take care of everything for you. Take it easy for the remainder of your pregnancy and I wish you well! Once your little one comes, it will seem like nothing else matters!
  5. OH! I'm sorry you happend that bad thing. That stupid woman treat you so bad and rude :cursing: If they claimed your scarves as FAKE, it mean she will say LV Scottsdale sold you fake?? Stupid and has no ethic woman, she shouldn't work with ppl if she even can be kind to ppl.

    Could you report her to her manager?
  6. Sorry to hear about your horrible experience. You should definitely complain to management and LV HQ. That gum beneath your shoe SA ought to be fired.
  7. I'm sorry this happened to you at a boutique.

    Call the manager and report it so that it doesn't go without some form of acknowledgement!
  8. I'm going to ask my SA what the best course of action would be since she's one of the managers at the Scottsdale store. I really don't want an appology from this woman (she's the one with elbow length blonde hair, for anyone who's been to Horton LV before). Her opinion is worthless to me. I would actually prefer that I never have to speak to her again.
  9. I've been helped by her before and she doesn't have the best customer service skills. I hope your SA will be able to help you out with reporting her!
  10. Yikes! Sorry to hear such a rude experience!
  11. I would definitely complain. No one should ever be treated that way by an SA! You are owed an apology.
  12. I actually bought a strap from her around New Year's and she wasn't very pleasant then either, but I figured it was because I was only buying a strap.
  13. I had a bad experience this past weekend too, so I completely feel for you!
  14. Oh-that is horrible! Please complain and complain loudly and to everyone who will listen to you!
  15. Hi! Reading your post really hit home with me- but on the other coast! I have long been a purse addict (and an authentic only snob!!), but I was treated so horribly by a SA at the KOP mall outside of Philadelphia that it took me years to consider buying another LV bag. I have shopped at LV stores all around the world and recieved nothing but polite and helpful service, but not ONCE have I recieved nice treatment in Philly.

    seaOfyears- I am sorry that you had to deal with that- I know how frustrating it can be and I hope that you come up with a way to fix the situation so that you feel better. There is nothing worse then a snobby SA telling you that your authentic items are def not authentic!