horrible, look at my purple bridgit, should I keep it?

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  1. It really is not my day!A week ago, I asked my friend to go to a outllet near her house to look for the bridgit in purple . And ,so "lucky", she found a last one in the store ,and shipped it to me. A couple of days a ago, I received it , but....when I look at it , I feel so sad..... the sa said they were not scratches..........is it normal for a leather purse? Should I return it??well, price is good, as you have known, $139.99
  2. Legacy leather can get that way, I have a couple of marks like that on my Legacy Tote... I would try apple on it, that may take those marks out... if not I would return it... GL!
  3. You may be able to get those out with apple!
  4. What I'm seeing looks like striations, or natural stretch marks that are inherent to this piece of leather. Apple won't do anything about this. I personally don't mind striations, but everyone is different. Return it if you think it's bad.
  5. My Vintage Violet Clutch has marks like that, and I actually really like them. Maybe I'm odd. :shrugs:I think it makes the leather look softer and smooshier.
  6. I also wanted to say that if some of these marks are actual scratches, then you can try Apple. My experience with garcia leather is that it depends on the scratch. If you scratch the glaze off, then using Apple probably won't make much of a difference. My new amethyst Bridgit was shipped to me from JAX and had a tiny scuff on the back. Apple did not help. I don't think garcia leather scratches as badly as the older line vintage leather does, though, but it definitely will scratch.

  7. I agree. I think it gives it character. I had a Bleecker british tan duffle that I purposely picked one with the striations because I wanted a more distressed look.

    I also prefer the Hamptons vintage bags with more texture (creasing). THis is one reason I'm not that crazy about my mineral hobo. It's very smooth and glossier.
  8. I'd return it, especially if it's going to keep bothering you. You've gotta love the bag if you keep it, or it might just wind up in the back of your closet.
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    hi, BAGLADY39, nic to see u here. well, I took a close look, and I believe that are strations and natural stretch marks! To tell the truth, my taste just got better, and I just began collect leather purse....so I don't have a lot of knowlege about leather quality......are the strations and natural stretch a sign of bad quality leather?? I don't want to wear a several hundreds dollars bag, and people look at it and say "poor bag"......but if they are normal for leather bags....I think I will try to accept that
  10. I bought this bag for a friend. Got the last one available in the outlet. It's purple as well. The one I got does not have all those stretch marks.

    You can get leather conditioner. After conditioning multiple times, the marks should blend into the rest of the bag and will be less noticeable. I've done this with my other leather bags and it takes me 4-5 times of conditioning to get it to blend in.

    I got the leather conditioner from Wilson's. It's on sale a lot for about $5 for a bottle.
  11. :hrmm:Looks like it was rained on and it stained the purse...strange! I've had really strange experiences with coach...lately
  12. on NO...do NOT try to get that out...I LOVE that natural striated look...adds character!!! PLUS, they will not come out...YOU just lucked up and got a gorgeous piece of leather!!!

  13. OMG, really? well I think I will go to get conditioning for the purse......Thank u for your info:tup:.and I saw a lot of Coachies talk about APPLE CONDITIONING....well , where can I find it?
  14. I dont think these look like scratches, either, just the piece of leather that was used. I would still condition it - it cant hurt, and if there are some scratches mixed in there, it may help them to blend more. Then you have to decide if YOU like the look of the bag, or if it will drive you to distraction every time you see it, and you wind up not using it. Then, good deal or not, its a waste of money, kwim? I got my amethyst bridgit shipped for under $190 on ebay, so if you do return it, you can try your luck there, but then again, there is no guarantee your new bag wont have the same issue. Personally, I think it looks just fine, and the leather will get some character to it when you use it either way. I would get some Apple conditioner, Apple it up and enjoy that gorgeous bag. I adore mine!

    You can get Apple products at leatherstuff.com - I highly recommend them.
  15. If you decide to condition it, try it on small part of the bag first. I usually aim for the bottom of the bag just in case I shouldn't have used it on that bag. :smile:

    I've used my conditioner on ALL my Coach products and have no problems but none of my Coach products are colored. All mine are tan. The only color bags I've used it on is my blue MJ bag and my dark green D&G bag. I've had no problems. I almost returned the D&G because of the scratches but after conditioning those spots 4-5 times, you can't see it! So I decided it keep. :yes:

    Another thing just an FYI, none of my scratches/ stretch marks were as big as the ones in your picture so I don't know how many times or how long it would take to blend?

    I know Coach stores sells its own conditioner.
    Apple: http://www.applepolishes.com/applepolishes/products.html
    Also Leatherstuff.com has leather cleaners/conditioners as well.

    The only one I've used is from Wilson's Leather. I got it on sale for $3 per bottle. ;)