Horrible Highlights

  1. Anyone have any recommendations on how to improve my horrible highlights i got this morning? Lady said they were golden, I call it orange. Worst part of all, it's this thick orange streak in my BANGS. I'm so sensitive of them as it is. Expressed a bit of concern and she told me it would lighten and stuff. No offer to fix it the way I would like it. Hindsight always sucks because I look back and wish I could have been more assertive! I wish I didn't tip her a decent amount.

    Warning Vent Session:
    I always go to this one woman at a different salon, has done a good job everytime I've been there. My mom claimed my hair looked crappy or something the last time i went and insisted I go to this other place. Well, I spent a crap ton more money (frickin lady gave me a "treatment" that I didn't know would cost me money) and have craptastic looking hair.

    On top of everything, NO ONE knows how to style my hair, it always comes out under done (IE, not smoothed out all the way). I'm so sick of small town people who don't know how to do anything with hair!!! I want someone to look at my face structure, and tell me when I need. The haircut I got was nothing to write home about. I told her a stlye of bangs I wanted, and of course didn't really get that.

    In general, I am ultra angry. Sorry for venting, but it helps to just let it all out!
  2. Did she use a toner in your hair? If it came out looking like that, she should have mixed up a toner that was appropriate for your hair color. I work at a salon and although I'm only a shampoo girl, I've NEVER seen anybody with orange hilights leaving my salon. How much did you pay for the hilights/cut/treatment? Was it a partial or full? I'd go back to the salon and tell them you're dissatisfied with the way your hair turned out and demand to either have them fixed or be given your money back. When you expressed concern about the color, your stylist should have automatically offered to fix it for you. This is unnaceptable.
  3. Buck up and go back. Sorry, but that is the only solution. Point to your hair and say...This is what I"m NOT happy with, it needs to be fixed. Be nice, be sincere, but don't be mad. I'm sure the stylist wants you happy, not unhappy. Good luck.
  4. I agree with the above - and also when you go back to the salon, don't let the same stylist "fix" it. I have had a similar issue and when I got up the nerve to go back, I let the same person who screwed it up "fix" it (I didn't want to be rude and ask for someone else) and it was worse! I ended up having to cut 5 inchess off! I learned the hard way to put my hair before their feelings (and they probably wouldn't have cared anyway) since I have to walk around with it on my head! Good luck!
  5. I soo agree with you hannahb, If the stylist didn't get it the first time, Don't let her "try" to fix it a second time( you don't want to walk out there without hair), go for another stylist, and make sure that you don't pay anything to have it fix...I had that happenned and the stylist(beacuse it was a diffferent one) wanted me to pay for all services, i was livid..:mad:
    Ultimetly, all worked out, just don't go in upset.... Be calm, talk to the salon owner....Good luck.. In the meantime you could always wear a quite hat..
  6. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions, etc. I ended up going to another place to have it "corrected" aka lightened. I'm still stuck with the shody foiling resulting in huge chunks. It's def blonder, but still is bleh. People say it looks fine, but not to me. I'm going to go get low lights put in in 2 weeks (to give my hair a break). I wish I had the courage to go back and get what I deserved. Lesson learned, I need to be more assertive when I'm spending that kind of money! For now I will deal :s

    So when the lady was correcting my hair, we were taling about my first experience. When I started to recollect my thoughts I realized I did not smell that familiar bleach and amonia smell that normally doesn't let me breathe or keep my eyes open. That should have been a white flag from the get go. The corrector almost thought she put a DYE in instead of a bleach.
  7. im sorry about your experience. I have had so many bad highlights so a few years ago i decided to go brunette again and I couldnt be happier... The feeling you get when your hair is messed up is the worse. Im sorry you had to go through that. :sad:
  8. A bit of an update:

    I've come to accept my hair for the time being. I've been wearing makeup lately and that has seemed to make things look better. I think I needed to have a bit more color on my face, so I've been using my bronzer. Things are kinda looking up :smile: Thanks again to everyone!
  9. Im glad you feel better :smile:
  10. Ugh, I completely sympathize with you. The same thing happened to me once, only the hairstylist did what HE wanted with my hair! I was looking through the color book for all-over color ideas, and he's a strong personality mind you. I was going for more my natural color, a golden light brown- to downplay my streaky blonde highlights, even though I knew it'd fade eventually. So when he noticed a dark brown [almost black] with a reddish tint and pointed and went, "Oh, that color would look nice on you!" I thought, "Oh God. He's not gonna do the color I wanted."

    And SURE ENOUGH he picked the color HE, the STYLIST, wanted. Not ME, the customer. I was fuming on the inside. He "insisted" that it would eventually fade into the light brown that I wanted, but he wanted to start off darker.

    Now mind you I was going through a shell shock here, because my hair went from super blonde to blackish red!!!! I was paying, I should have gotten the color I payed for! According to the girls up front, after I left everyone gave him grief for letting his personal opinion affect the outcome of a customer's dye job. It took about 3 months or so to completely fade out.

    I came back the next day to have the red taken out by him, and it didn't really come out at all. As you can probably guess, I NEVER went back to him again. Not even for a trim.

    You should definitely go back and insist that you aren't happy with what you wanted. You should get what you payed to have done. Don't settle for anything less. Be civil and calm, but firmly state that you must have it fixed. Good luck!
  11. So sorry about your hair. i know how you feel and its the worst feeling! it feels silly that hair can ruin ones day but it can so try to be calm and go back to have them fix it. is there a high end salon nearby that you can go to or if you know someone with great color- even if you see a stranger at starbucks or something- stop and ask for a reccomendation or ask maybe the ladies at the cosmetic dept in a high end Dept store since they often have great hair. in the meantime- ARTEC sells a color depositing conditioner that you can get in light ashy blonde that might help with the orange temporarily. GOOD LUCK
  12. If the highlights are still too orangey or yellowish I would try some purpleish shampoo meant for blondes/highlighted hair, that could neutralize the colour a bit.

  13. Wow, now THAT'S completely unacceptable!! I've never heard of anything like that in my life. You must have been crazed by the time you left there, not getting exactly what you wanted! I don't know what I would have done if that happened to me. What an ass!
  14. I can also sympathize. Long story short... I tried to straighten it but the person didnt know what she was doing (she was mean on top of that) and she chemically my hair so I ended up a frizzball instead. I was too upset to go back so I went to another place and had them cut all the damaged hair off. I got a boy cut. Terrible *shudders*

    Anyways, don't worry. There are several things you can do. I use a purple shampoo by L'Oreal it comes in a purple bottle from sally's its called shimmery lights. It does wonders for taking out orange tones. Another suggestion, it just dye over it. I've done that before and was happy witht he results. I wish you luck!!
  15. I am currently doing the same thing... letting my highlights grow out. I guess highlights are just hard to get just right, so I too gave up on them. Let's see how long I can stick to this :sweatdrop: , cause I am longing for some light brown highlights again! Silly me, I just can't let go of the thought of the perfect highlights! Although I know they turn out less than perfect 90% of the time!

    To the OP: I definitely feel for you :sad:. I know how it is... I've done it lots of times. And yes, I have tipped the hair dresser and yes, I was mad at myself for weeks that I didn't say anything... Anyway, good luck with the next hair dresser!

    Btw, I have noticed, some hair dressers simply don't communicate enough with the customer. There are so many different ways to put in highlights, but I have only rarely been asked how I would like them. But the better the communication with the hair dresser was, the better the highlights turned out in the end. So I promised myself, the next time a hairdresser starts mixing up the highlighting cream without having asked me what exactly I wanted, I will stand up and LEAVE. (OK, I am saying this now, but I know it will be hard to follow through :rolleyes:)