horrible haircuts.. what should I do??

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  1. I had been going to the same hairdresser for about 2 years. For the longest time, she had been wonderful.. perfect highlights and perfect haircuts, however, the last two times have been horrible! The first time, she made my highlights much too light, and way to thick, and my lowlights too dark, and I ended up looking like a skunk. I wanted to give her another chance since she had been great in the past, so I went again. She did the same thing with my highlights, and instead of cutting off 2 inches like I asked, she cut off around 6. I also wanted side bangs, but instead of doing it with a side part, which I like, she parted my hair down the center and just took a chunk off on one side. Needless to say, it looks awful and I want to switch, but I'm not sure how to handle it. There are two other hairdressers at that salon that I've seen in the past when my usual girl was not there, and they did wonderfully, so I could switch to one of them, but how? There's also another place a little bit further away, but no one I know goes there. What would you do?
  2. Firstly, you need to call the salon and tell the owner or manager you're not happy and why. If they offer to fix it (and I'm sure they will), then you can always ask one of the other girls to fix it. If they do a good job, don't feel guilty if you remain their client. Be polite to your previous hairdresser, and if she asks if there is a problem, just say why. Most hairdressers lose and gain clients all the time. Provided you're polite about it, and you're friendly everytime you see her, I doubt your previous hairdresser will hate you or anything.
    Actually, now is a good time to try out that other salon. If you are happy with what they do, then that solves the problem.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  3. ^^ I second Necros response!! I got a bad cut and highlights once and called and complained and the owner fixed it all for free and it was AWESOME and I've been going to her ever since (3 1/2 years now!).
  4. My Sister is a hairdresser and salon owner. Since i live out of town..(too far to commute for cuts and color) She has pounded into my head, if I EVER get a bad cut/color go back and have the salon fix it!! She has had that happen to her more than a few times and I think any stylist has had a bad day and made a bad cut/color. I was in the same perdictament in Sept/Oct. My stylist who I've been going to for over 3 years gave me a too short cut along with bleeding foils! I took a 3 month break to grow it out and gave her 1 chance to do it right again! Luckily she did okay. Alot of the problems we have with stylists is lack of communication. Make sure you and the stylist are absolutely on the same page and have the same idea on a style before she/he picks up scissors!!