Horrible "H" Sightings in London Today

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  1. So I went to have my haircut at Coolcut on Kings Road, Chelsea, London. This is my first time going there. Guess what I found just around the corner? A "H" shop with mammoth Birkin and Kelly collection but of course, they are not real. How sad is that? When I paid close attention, these bags don't have the H engraving on their locks but EVERYTHING else is made right! Has anyone seen this store before?
  2. i think i know which store you are talking about....is it "vanilla paris" or something along that line?
  3. I'm not in London, but in Palm Desert, California there is a very similar shop in the main shopping district. All the bags are exotics. Horrible quality croc! The owner gloats about how all her bags have "papers" (CITES to import that junk croc). These bags are from Italy and they are designed just like the H Kellys, Birkins, etc. The only one that was different was the JPG - they stuck a zipper across the top.
  4. I am totally appaled - not sure what the store name was I just ignored it in disgust :sad:
  5. Why doesn't Hermes shut them down? I heard they sued over the jelly kelly and it certainly didn't pass itself off as the real thing.
  6. there're so many stores/places/vendors selling designer inspired/knock off items....all of them :yucky:, but it's best to just ignore them and count our blessings to be able to afford H or any other authentic items
  7. I think that is Vanilla Paris, the hairdressers is in the Kings Mall isnt it? They sell all sorts of replicas and even have the audacity to advertise in a few of the glossies!

    Kings Road.........I miss living in South London.....
  8. Oh yeah talking about horrible "H" stores... sixth between CPS and 59th, there is this leather store that sells all the exotic "kellys" and "birkins". Man talking about fugly. :sick::shocked::throwup:
  9. I saw that store and two others, can't remember the name, on Piccadilly--
    so yucky even my 10 year old said, "Ewww look at those fakes.":tdown:
  10. Sorry, what's wrong ... if the quality doesn't compare then who cares?

    I know they're fakes and I hate them for it but really ... noone wold think this was Hermes?! :shrugs:
  11. just sad...:tdown:
  12. #12 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    It is their :cursing:CUSTOMERS:cursing: that unfortunately made such fakes flourished.

    no demand means no production
  13. I know there's one (i forget the name) half way down Sloane St (near the Chemists) that sells bags that are obviously meant to be birkins, kellys and bolides. :tdown:
  14. They are everywhere! Just revolting aint it?!
  15. In least we can rest easy knowing that we like the real deal:tup: