Horrible! Girls, you will not believe what happened today!

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  1. Ok, girls you all know that I just recently purchased my Coach Carly with the saddle trim.
    For those of you familiar, I post daily on this forum.

    I even started a thread about Carlys!

    Here we go...I am in a state of utter disbelief and shock as I write this...

    I was out shopping today with my Carly in the cart (where kids sit) and my head was turned FOR NOT EVEN A SECOND!
    Someone snatched my Carly out of the cart!:wtf:
    I turned back around after looking at a display and my beloved Carly was gone, contents and all!:crybaby:

    The place was packed, so I did not see who did it.
    Once I reached customer service in tears and they had everyone frantically searching, the theif was long gone!:crybaby:

    My large Carly. My Coach Legacy Flap Wristlet. My money, debit card. My BAG!

    All my money was in my Legacy wallet, so I don't have much left. I guess I have to start saving again.

    I cancelled my cards after getting home. The store took my info. but thats all they could do. They did not have security working that day and there were no cameras in that area.

    I am just devistated. I can't even explain.

    Thanks for hearing me out. I am in my bed just in tears!

    I posted on the MP about this too.

    The moral of this story...DON'T LEAVE YOUR BAG IN YOUR CART UNATTENDED!:crybaby:
  2. OH MY GOD. Honey, I am SO sorry that this happened to you...I do not even know what to say to you...I don't think there is anything I could say...other than I am SO SORRY!!
  3. I am so very sorry about this. I mean the bag is the least of your worries. DH had his identity stolen a few years back & it was a pain getting it all straightened out. This really sucks. I will say a little prayer for you that all will work itself out. Again, I am so sorry!
  4. oh, sweetie! *hug*

    think positive, though: a)karma is a *****, whoever took it will get what's theirs and b)stuff can be replaced.

    it will be okay! you can new and better stuff!!!
  5. I am so sorry for you. This is the worst week ever as far as bag theft goes. Hopefully they will catch the person. At least you were not hurt. Hugs to you.
  6. Oh my God, that's terrible! I'm really sorry!
  7. Thank you.
    I am glad that I am ok (physically), but I wanted to warn my friends on this forum that this can happen to anyone.
    I live in a pretty rural area up here.
    I NEVER in my wildest dreams imagined that this would happen to me!
  8. I would be devastated! How horrible! I am so sorry this happened to you; I don't know how people can be so awful. I hope that awful person's thieving ways come back to him/her. I am so, so sorry!
  9. OMG! This is just awful! I am sooo sorry to hear that this happened to you. I hope they catch the b*stard that did this to you!! Sending hugs and some kleenex! :flowers:
  10. OMG! That's horrible! I am so sorry. Don't worry, karma will get that guy.
  11. I know.
    It was probably some person that wanted my bag, but couldn't afford it, so casually took it.
    I didn't even hear the brass hardware clunk on the metal cart. The thief was THAT stealthy!

    I am going to be checking Ebay and the outlets in about a month after I save up another $300-400.

    It sucks when you work hard for something and its gone.
  12. OMG! :wtf: People are unbelievable. The gall to take a bag (especially one so big) in broad daylight! :mad: Glad you're ok! *hugs*

  13. Oh my god. I am so sorry.

    I notice youl live in New England. Where did this happen?

    I hear a lot of bad stories lately. Someone broke into two families that I know.

    Be careful Ladies!!!!
  14. Thanks, indigo and pooh.

    I know! I bet they slung my baby over their shoulder and smirked as they walked away!


    Got to get it out of my head!

    Oh, I didn't mention where it happened.

    No other than one of my fave places to shop....TJ MAXX!

  15. Amen Indigowaters!!! LOL, that is pretty neat. Hope that happens to that loser!:cursing:
    Sorry about the purse, it is true. A bad week for the Coach girls. It will surely get better!