Horrible fake Jimmy Choo bags.

  1. The sad thing is there are bids on this one. Also is doesn't matter how many times you report these items, eBay UK never seems to remove them!

    eBay.co.uk: JIMMY CHOO HANDBAG (item 220093898480 end time 26-Mar-07 00:39:59 BST)

    You can always tell the seller knows it's fake when they don't photograph the inside of the bag with the stud closed.

    eBay.co.uk: JIMMY CHOO BAG (item 330100806724 end time 24-Mar-07 22:54:28 GMT)

    eBay.co.uk: JIMMY CHOO BAG (item 330100806724 end time 24-Mar-07 22:54:28 GMT)

    eBay.co.uk: Jimmy Choo Dark Brown Leather Slouch Bag (AUTHENTIC) (item 250096452798 end time 30-Mar-07 08:01:47 BST)

    eBay.co.uk: JIMMY CHOO RAMONA BROWN CALF SKIN BAG (item 140096779529 end time 21-Mar-07 19:28:53 GMT)
  2. I agree riffraff:yucky: I reported a number of US listings that were fake, but they just keep posting. I almost choke, laughing at some of the listings with high $$ bids.:lol:
  3. thos are pretty bad fakes!
  4. Oh my. Check out the last one! Am I allowed to call something "s#%t-eous" on here?
  5. UGH:throwup:
    I always think the plastic wrap on the handles is a dead give away:wtf:
  6. YUCK!!!! Damn scammers!
  7. :yucky: :yucky: yuck!
  8. I just came back from Bangkok and there were sooo many fake Choos it's unbelieveable!
    The Ramonas and Rikkis even had JIMMY CHOO on the buckles selling for less than 10% of the real Choos...
    I was horrified!!:sad: :wtf:
  9. yuck. One thing I notice about the fakes is they seem sort of stiff. I know my Riki would never stand up straight like some of those pics but I don't know if some of the other Choos will. It pisses me off that eBay has gotten to be so full of fake crap.
  10. :yucky: :yucky: those make my eyes hurt!
  11. oh noooooo =x
  12. riffraff,if only all the fakes looked this bad.:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: