Horrible Experience...

  1. I was just cleaning my speedy 35 and thinking what happened early this month so i tought I would like to share it with you guys :yes:
    Well I was on a long flight from brazil to denmark and I had my baby (speedy 35 ) on my lap so this guy the flight assistant comes and offers some coke to everyone I was thirsty so I took one ( I was sitting right besides the aisle) so he started talking with this woman on the other side, when he turned he made me drop all the coke thankfully I was quick so not so much of the liquid fell over me but when I realized some of the vachetta in my bad had some coke over it :wtf: :cursing: I was about to burst so I went more or less running to the bathroom and cleaned it up thankfully there is no marks of that...
    The guy didn't even apologized Can u belive?

    When I was going out I told one of the other FA about it and she apologized for him
  2. He might not have even realized he did it? Glad it came out!
  3. That was a close call, good thing it turned out ok!!
  4. yeah..i dont think he realized of what he did.. but i'm glad nothing happened to your bag!
  5. Oh No. Glad to hear your bag is ok, I would've been furious.
  6. Glad your bag is okay. I put my 35 under the seat in front of me on top of a magazine. I didn't want to keep it on my lap cause I do nibble and drink something in a flight.
  7. OMG! I would've been so MAD! Just be glad that nothing happened to your baby.
  8. I am TERRIFIED of something careless like this happening to me - particularly when I'm carrying a bag with vachetta trim! I play the scene out in my head like a slow-running nightmare...me screaming at the culprit, "DO YOU KNOW THIS IS A $1,200 BAG?!?" :cursing: :lol:
  9. I WAS very mad but now my baby is pretty fine he (because is a guy) is getting his hot stamp in the shop in copenhagen
  10. Absolutely but I am sure so many people wouldn't belive it costs so much an LV that is why the only thing is to be carefull with them :love:
  11. omg I'm just glad that your baby is ok
  12. are there insurance for such types of happening?
  13. Sorry you had to go through such a scare! I was the same way about my mono speedy 35, but I sprayed 4 coats of Shining Monkey on it the other day and now I am muchhhhhh more relaxed!! :smile: