HORRIBLE experience with LV repair

  1. Has anyone ever experience any horrible :hysteric: experience with LV?

    In April 2003, I purchased a pink/pink CB PTI wallet for 660.00 plus tax is 759.14 CND$, after getting home :yahoo: oooing and aaaing over it, I realized that the stitching was uneven :wtf: all over the leather trim so never even using it I brought it back to LV to have it repair which took 4 months before coming back. When I received the phone call that it came back I anxiously raced downtown to pick it up, and to my surprise, the trim was in even worse shape than original plus 3 deep cuts:push: (like a small knife went tru it) on the leather trim. I refused it and told them to re-send it back to repair it again.

    Now the second repair took nearly :yucky: 1 year before it came back to me. After 4 months I started calling the store and CS in SF and no one knew the whereabouts of my wallet. I was given a wild goose chase and stressed out for almost 8 months trying to locate this wallet. I was given all sorts of excuses from everyone at LV. I was totally disgusted with the service of the SA in Montreal, very rude and unprofessional.

    Anyways, when it did finally come back the wallet looked like used and abused. Stain, wrinkles, scratched, I think the wallet was totally altered because when the tri-fold closed, it was uneven, the top flap was not straight and also not as wide as the rest of the wallet. As a result, I demanded a refund.

    I was absolutely disgusted with the craftmanship and the customer service and swore that I will never buy another LV but I just can't get over the beauty of the CB and just recently bought the 5 piece accessory set as a XMAS gift for myself which I posted on another thread. Now I am a collector of CB, Cerises & Panda and also have a epi & a few monogram pieces.
  2. wow...sorry that you had to go through that! Did you end up getting a refund?
  3. I've actually had two great experiences with repairs. My only "bad" one was when I tried to get my pochette marly fixed, only to find out it was defected (but the manager was still very pleasant and polite with me). Neither of my repairs took longer than 4 weeks...I thought the longest was 8-10 weeks...?

    I'm so sorry this happened to you!
  4. I'm SO sorry that happened to you! I've had great luck with repairs so far - knock wood. Did you get a refund?
  5. holyyyyyy moly!! that is unacceptable!! 1 yr , 2 repairs, and having it come back with shoddy craftsmanship is NOT what the LV name is all about. Did they give you a refund?

    I had almost the same thing happen, I had a speedy 25 tab repaired, came back month later with a wrong size tab (put a 30 tab on!), sent it back to fix their repair, then when it came back 3 months later, there was a pen mark on the handle. I was so upset. I explained to the manager where I shop nicely how I felt etc and we were able to come to a compromise.
  6. hmmmm interesting... I'm also from Montreal and I know 5 SAs there who have given me nothing but superbe service. I've been going to the boutique at least once a month this year and I've only been *somewhat* mal-treated once which was my first time buying LV more than a year ago from this SA who now smiles at me all the time... So except her, I think all the others are great. May I ask who this SA is? (you can PM me) As for services at the Montreal boutique, I know it's quite slow (eg heat stamping takes 2-3 weeks) but taking 1 year is too much. I will talk to my SA about this.
  7. Oh, I am sorry this has happened to you. I hope you could get a refund of this piece.

    I had my Billfold wallet repaired about two years ago and the experience was very nice though.
  8. Sorry, I just realized that my comment may be taken the wrong way. I'm just in shock that the repairs were THIS awful! I really do hope you got a refund from this mess...:yucky:
  9. Oh no...sorry to hear about that. You must be very upset. I can feel your pain as I have been waiting for my luggage tag to get hot stamped for over 2 months and only got to know it might got lost in the process...*sigh* But, I think yours was even worse. I think you should probably try complaining to the corporate? you shouldnt be the one to be left alone disappointed, and they should take reponsibility to resolve the problem. I hope it will all work out for you.
  10. Sorry to appear mean but this sounds odd to me :shrugs: :hrmm:
  11. I am so sorry to hear about that.
  12. I thought the retail price of the PTI was US $460:confused1: ..... I would have demanded a refund/exchange the first time round, did you get the refund ?
  13. Sorry about your awful LV experience. Hopefully you received your refund +
  14. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hopefully I wont have to go through something like that.
  15. OMG...That's beyond horrible!!!So sorry that you had to experience that. I thnk you should write a complaint letter.