Horrible experience with eBay seller

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  1. #1 May 11, 2016
    Last edited: May 11, 2016
    Hi all - I'm a 15+ year buyer and seller on eBay with perfect feedback. (Mainly buying for personal use, but used to sell vintage furniture on eBay for my business). I have recently had the worst experience I have ever had with a seller. I am unsure if I'm allowed to post the name on here? If I am, please let me know because I believe others need to be warned. As the seller had 100% feedback, I never thought to read through it. It turns out she's had several negative reviews in the past and has been quite rude with other buyers.

    I purchased a pre-loved Louis Vuitton Monceau handbag that was described as "excellent" and "like new." Accompanying photos showed a beautiful bag in almost perfect condition. I had many questions for the seller, but she barely answered any of them, so I chalked that up to being perhaps someone who did not "do email" well.

    The bag arrived - with cracked, split and missing glazing/edges around the front perimeter - none of which was noticeable in the listing photos or description. I immediately wrote to the seller about this. She responded very harshly the next day and called me a liar. After checking into what reglazing the bag might cost, I asked for a partial refund to offset that price - and she proceeded to email me repeatedly - calling me a liar (again), a nutcase, an extortionist, a scam artist and a thief - and has now sent approximately 30+ harassing emails to me over the last 24 hours via eBay messenger. I've spoken with eBay three times and three times they have issued a report, as they can see all of the emails and the content. eBay has been great, but so far they haven't been able to block her from contacting me again. I also left negative feedback - which prompted another email attack.

    I opened a dispute and posted ten photos of the damaged areas. The seller approved a return, but starting sending threatening emails to the effect that unless I return the bag immediately (as in overnighting it to her), it would definitely get stolen in her neighborhood and she would not refund my money. She also refuses to pay for the return shipping, even though she misrepresented the bag.

    I'm in a quandary, as I honestly do not trust this seller to refund my money. Oh - and she has already relisted the bag! I love the design of the bag and ordered a new strap for it. I am very disappointed in the condition and will need to have it repaired if I keep it - and for the extra money I will spend .... Grrrrr ...... If I return it - I might not get my money back! The last guy I spoke to at eBay was very encouraging, but as a business-owner who has had her fair share of chasing UPS insurance claims, am not convinced this will go well for me.

    Is there a way to do a bag cleansing to erase bad karma?? (I'm not really kidding).

    Any advice? Can I report to PayPal or American Express?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you opened a dispute for not as described and the seller approved the return, didn't you get a prepaid label to send it back? If tracking shows the return was delivered, you won't be responsible if it gets stolen off of her porch. If she doesn't issue the refund after it is delivered, ebay should. Once you opened the dispute usually a freeze is put on her paypal account for the amount of the item so she can't withdraw the money.

  3. I did - but I've had cases where signatures were not collected and items left unattended that took over a year to resolve (for my business - not eBay related). I've even dealt with a claim that a signature was not that of the recipient. Her emails lead me to believe she will try to pull something - as she keeps mentioning deducting fees/shipping/damage from my return. I know I sound paranoid, but I'm so sick of the situation that I may just keep the bag and hopefully be done with her. It has been very stressful receiving such horrid emails.
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    Whateve is correct. If you opened a dispute not as described you should've received a shipping label from the seller. You can let eBay know if you did not. They can make her pay the shipping. Once the tracking # shows delivered she has 6 days to refund you - whether it gets stolen or not - that's not your problem. If she does not issue the refund after 6 days, you can then respond on your return for eBay to get involved and eBay will initiate a forced refund to you. This is important for her because if she does not voluntarily send you the refund and eBay forces it, she will not get her final value fee (the fee eBay charged her for selling the purse - 10%ish) refunded.
    If she has accepted the return request & she did not send you a label you can ship it yourself but BE SURE to manually enter the tracking number on the return. eBay will follow it and let you know when it's delivered. That's when the 6 day clock starts ticking for her.

    You can also return it signature required. She's not allowed by eBay to dismiss it and cause it to be returned to you because she refuses to sign. That too can get you a refund by eBay.

    There are some good people on eBay but there are some really bad ones too. It seems much worse now than it ever has (imo).

    I wish you the best!
  5. Your seller already relisted the item? If I'm not mistaken it's not allowed to list something that is not in their possession.

  6. Thank you!! So I'm 100% sure to get my money back? It's been years since I sold on eBay and a lot has changed!

  7. Yes. Same item, same photos but a slightly different description. Still no photos of the damage though!
  8. #8 May 11, 2016
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    As long as you return through eBay and she accepted the return request.(even she didn't accept it there are other steps to take to get your money back).

    Did you file the dispute as not as described?
    I hope so. That what the issue is & that's the best course to have taken.

    As long as you follow the steps through eBay and it shows delivered you're ok. If it's over $250 (I think) you should get a signature.
    There's s dollar limit for that. She can't refuse it or ignore it. If she does, its noted in the tracking number. eBay won't allow her to do it. Insuring might be a good idea too. Just in case usps drops the ball. If it's stolen off her porch it's not your problem. It's hers.
    I bought a trashed Bloomsbury once. The pics didn't look trashed but omg is was bad! I was scared to death that I threw $800 away.
    The buyer wouldn't accept the return. I called eBay. They were very helpful. They forced it. Then he wouldn't refund. They forced it. I've had some minor issues too that always got resolved.
    I had someone send me a $2.00 label for a return I had on a bag once. I just used my own. I knew $2.00 wasn't enough. It was worth $15 to ship it back myself. And if you can, ship it priority mail. It'll help make the wait much shorter & get the whole ordeal over with faster.

    Oh, and take lots of pictures. Get a pic of the date code too so you/she/eBay knows it's the same bag. Don't do any of the return outside eBay. Follow the return process. One more tidbit: careful if you're on an iPad....eBay has the "cancel return" button strategically placed on the screen where it can accidentally be pushed. Sorry if I'm rambling

  9. When you speak to eBay again (since you may have to at some point seeing how difficult this woman is being) I'd mention that she has relisted the bag and she doesn't have the bag nor did she mention the defects.

  10. I did mention that and now the item is removed (that I paid for), plus the relisted item. But get this - my negative feedback was removed as well! I do not understand eBay. :sad:
  11. You certainly are allowed to post the seller ID as well as the link to the listing. In fact, being able to see the listing (and your comp pics) is helpful to us in comparing what you expected vs. what you received.

    Merely looking at the current feedback score isn't an accurate way of assessing a seller because the feedback on the feedback page only shows the most recent 12 months. Older negative and neutral feedbacks fall off the scoreboard.

    Is your seller located in Japan? If so, I'm not sure how the prepaid return label works in that case.

    If you have to ship the item back at your own expense, you MUST include s.c. if you paid a total of $750 or more. If the total payment you made (including shipping) is < $750, you don't need s.c. and all that's required to get your refund is tracking that shows delivery.

    Please do post the link to the listing.
  12. What do you mean by "the item is removed." Did ebay actually remove the listing or did the seller end it and is it just in the completed listings?

  13. eBay has actually removed the original listing (my purchase), her new/duplicate listing and her feedback has been restored! I've also received a message from eBay for every message from her (30+) that I was dealing with a fraudulent seller. So I guess they took my complaints seriously, yet confused that the listing was removed. Unsure if the new one was removed by eBay or the seller, but my purchase no longer showing as a valid item.

    After seeing all of those messages, I panicked and filed a PayPal claim - and that somehow closed the eBay return. I received an email to that effect from eBay.

    The seller is dian-beaud, who is located in West Palm Beach, FL. I paid 425.00 for the bag - without a strap. I will try to post a link to the original listing, but unsure if you'll be able to see it since it has been removed.

    Thank you for trying to help!!

  14. I am unable to post a link, but this photograph shows the original listing number plus a message to me.

    Please note that she received 7 "new" positive feedback reviews in the last 24 hours - and my negative feedback was removed.

  15. It seems there's more to this. For the record, if the return was handled through ebays return process she can't take shipping out of your refund. A not as described return doesn't give her that option.
    For me personally, I never leave feedback for a seller until the deal is over. I've only returned an item very few times in 15 years but I wait until I'm refunded to leave feedback. I've only left one neg which was the guy who eBay had to force the refund. I'm unfamiliar with PayPal claims. Hopefully another member can give you advice on that process. Please keep us posted how this works out. I hope everything works out in your favor. This seller is a nasty piece of work .