HORRIBLE experience at the groomers! *Long*

  1. I am so upset! I took my doggy Scraps to a new groomer today, and I was astounded at the way they treated her! I cried about it all the way home, I felt so bad for taking her.:crybaby:

    Heres the story:
    We just moved to a new area, and since I have not yet found the vet I plan to stick with, I took her to a place nearby called Superpetz to get her nails trimmed with their groomer. I called in advance to warn them that she is pretty timid, and not well socialized since she was a recent rescue. They assured me that they see all kinds, and that they would handle it with no change in price. So, I take her there, and, while she remains pressed against my leg, she welcomes the attention from the group of boys exclaiming "MOM! THIS is the kind of dog we want!". She seems ok for the time being, so we go up to the grooming area and wait. And wait.
    Finally, the grooming lady comes out, already carrying a set of clippers, and doesn't say a word as she leads Scraps to the next room. I follow her and try and help Scrappy stay calm as she starts clipping. Well, Scrappy gets scared when she hears the noise of the clippers and tries to move away from the woman, who YANKS HER BY THE COLLAR and YELLS IN HER FACE to sit back down. This only makes Scraps freak out even more. After that, she can't stay still because she is scared, so the woman takes her to a small chain that is attatched to the wall to help her hold still. I am already uncomfortable by this point, but I let her continue. Scrappy keeps trying to get free, so the lady SLAMS HER FOOT DOWN :wtf:on the chain, jerking Scrappy's head with it. I tell her "You know what, I'm not comfortable with this, I don't think this is working." The woman just looks at me, unhooks Scrappy, and starts to lead her to a different room. As I try to follow, she tries to close the door before I go in and says "You can't come with us in here.":cursing:
    I was absolutely furious by this point, so I shoved the door open and told her we were leaving NOW, and took Scrappy by the collar to leave. And this woman has the nerve to tell me as I'm walking away that I should "take that dog to a vet, cause she's poorly-behaved" and said that Scrappy tried to bite her (which never happened, as I was watching the entire time and Scrappy is far to gentle to bite someone).

    Did that lady really expect me to trust her to take my doggy somewhere where I couldn't see her?!? What exactly was she planning on doing that I couldn't watch?? I was absolutely appalled and angry. I feel so bad that I let that happen to my baby. She was so timid and shaky on the way home, it was awful!

    I felt so bad that I showered her with treats today. She seems to have forgotten about it as she's happily chomping away at her new bone right now.

    I'm going to write a letter to Superpetz.:lecture:
  2. OMG!!! Yes...write a letter! That is horrifying behaviour and that woman should be fired! I don't blame you for being upset.
    I'm glad your dog is okay now... I cannot believe people have the audacity to act that way to someone else's pet!
  3. You need to do more than right a letter. You need to notify the store manager immediately. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior from a groomer and someone needs to know what is going on. Keep in mind that this person not only was rough with your pet, but it could be happening to other peoples pets and they don't even know about it. Unfortunately, to be a animal groomer most places don't even require licensing. Sorry to go so long but I have a real problem with this sort of thing. Its tramatic enough for animals to go to groomers or vets because they don't understand what's happening. It should be the groomers job to be gentle and kind to our animals.
    On that note-I took my Maine coon to the vet one time for shots and his weekly medical treatments (he had FIV) and the vet tech came in wearing a smock turned around backwards and picked Nismo up by the nape of his neck to take him to weigh him. I asked her why she was doing this and she said 'she did not want to get hair on her clothes'. I yelled at her asking if she didn't realize where she was working cause pet hair's probably part of the job, told her to put my cat down and get the **** out of the room and away from me. My vet came in and asked what happened and fired her on the spot.

    With that, sorry to hijack, it's just very import that you report this behavior and pursue it. Just think what could have happened to Scrappy if you had not been in there with her.

    Good luck with this, I wish you the best and give Scrappy a big hug!!

  4. To Leslie: Thank you so much for your concern, and It's very awful what happened to your cat! I'm glad that tech was fired. It's just appalling that people choose to work with animals just because "it's a job", and they do not like animals. I think it takes a special personality to handle animals with care and they should only hire people of that nature, which judging by the activity on this board, there are plenty! I think I will take your advice on talking to the manager tomorrow. Scrappy seems to have completely forgotten by now, but I still feel so awful! I cried again a while ago when she came up and plopped in my lap (she is a big dog LOL), I just can't believe I didn't leave after the woman yelled at my dog!
  5. First, let me congratulate you on having much better impulse control than I. I might have actually physically attacked that person, and I have never been in a fight in my life. Your experience makes me sick. I hope you write a letter to the corporate office of this place and cc it to the store manager. I would do everything I could to make sure this person never touches another animal. And give your little rescue kisses from my rescues, they are pissed too.
  6. Your welcome AnimalCrackers...btw my dog is a rescue too!!!
  7. First of all, bless you for giving this rescue dog a home. This woman is in the wrong line of work and needs to be reported. You did the right thing. My god, she was traumatizing Scraps.

    It's frightening what happens when we aren't with our pets. We boarded one of our boxers at a place new to us, but we'd heard a recommendation. When we picked him up the man said he was a mean dog and tried to bite him. This dog didn't have a mean bone in his body and if he tried to bite this guy I shudder to think how he was treating our dog. I took every opportunity to tell people to avoid that kennel. Without proof i couldn't report him, but I cut down his business.
  8. I am speechless. The nerve of that woman. I got so teary just from reading what happened. I can't even imagine what I would do if this happened to me. You should definitly report this woman. When she tried to take your dog to the back and said you couldn't come back there... I would have flippeed out. I am so sorry this happened to you. *hugs* for you and scraps:smile:
  9. It is wonderful that Scrappy has a caring and sensitive mom in you! To rescue a dog or cat is one of life's most rewarding experiences...for the humans and the pets. Thanks you for doing such a great thing!

    It's appalling that people who don't have patience or a love of animals would choose a profession where they are dealing with our pets.

    One of my dogs is a rescue too. I used to regularly take all three of my babies to a groomer who had a great reputation. Once when I went to pick them up she was screaming "shut up, you're supposed to be going home!" to my barking resuce. She didn't realize that the receptionist had led me into the grooming area.

    That was the end of that! I never went back. I will never subject my pets to anything but love and kindness.

    I wish you lived near me. I now have a perfect angel who grooms my dogs. She has a salon in her home.

    XOXO to Scraps and you!
  10. I'm sorry that happened to you and your dog. That woman should be fired imo. I hope you find a vet soon to give you a recommendation. Also, are there any dog parks or regular parks around where you can talk to people and get recs?
  11. Anybody who frightens a poor poochie ought to be SMACKED. :boxing:
  12. Yay for rescues!! We have so many great rescue lovers here, bless you for being one of them! :flowers:

    Now on to the situation:
    OhmyGOSH!!! I cannot believe that woman. I would not only write a letter to superpets, I'd also write one to that store's manager, detailing what happened and making sure to tell what groomer it was *by name*, and let him know that not only will you not return there, but you will make sure to tell anyone you speak to not to go there either. Word of mouth is not only how they get customers, but how they lose them, too. What happened is just inexcusable!
    I would also tell them that you will be writing the Better Business Bureau, too. They need to know that this will not go untreated.

    I am so sorry you dealt with this... give Scraps a kiss from me!
  13. I'm so sorry you and your poor dog had to endure this kind of treatment. I've hear way to many horror stories about pet groomers that I decided to groom my dogs myself. I bathe them, trim their hair, and cut their nails. I don't mind doing it for them, and I know they are in the best hands possible.
  14. I'd complain to the owner. There was a groomer who literally ripped the top layer of my pom's fur & skin close to the bone while combing her. She acted all pissed at my dog saying it was her fault for squirming around too much. She didn't seem concerned at all and also griped about how much harder she had to work because of her agressive behavior and tried to bite her (ok, this was a 13 y/o 4 lb toothless dog). I'm sure she did, since her skin was yanked off. No apology whatsoever. She did end up calling later to check up on her and offered to pay for vet bills, but because of her lack of concern before, I think she just did that in case we'd spread the word or sue if it turned into a major infection by trying to act sincere. Landy (the pom) was fine, but we never took her, or our other dog, back to her. Unfortunately, she was the owner also, so there was no one else to complain to but it sounds like you can. Different dogs have different personalities and as groomers, if they have a problem with nervous dogs, then they shouldn't be in the business since that comes with working with animals. It's pathetic to blame the dog.
  15. These are great suggestions for finding a new groomer! We actually found our wonderful groomer by asking our vet.