Horrible experience and the rudest SA in Hermes Sloane Street London

  1. Yes the Sloan Street shop do pick and choose their clients. Its more of a club than a shop if you ask me with their customers mainly those the live in the area.

    If you are deemed a member, you'd get EVERYTHING you ask for... and unfortunately if you are not, they rather you shop at Bond Street or Harrods. Don't take this personally, some shops are just like that. They treat you badly if you step into their extablishment not wearing anything Hermes... like an unspoken dress code.
  2. I have had mixed experience of Sloane Street - the first time I purchased from a lovely lady who was very nice to me and even gave me a set of knotting cards.
    The last time I went in (Apr 09) to see the stock and was served by an older man - I am wondering if this is the same person? Well he tried to tell me what colours I should buy - he was showing me everything I didn't like and went on about how one should have lots of different colours so you can pick and choose - I think most people have a certain range of colours they stick to so why would I want anything that was nowhere near complimentary to what I wear?!! He really annoyed me because he wasn't listening to me and was rather blase (sorry got no accent for the "e").
    Then I went to most of the other London H's before returning later that day to Sloane Street to buy a PINK pointu although I was served this time by a young girl who was very quiet -got no perfume samples and had to ask for the Histoires booklet - not impressed!
    The lovely ladies on Tpf have since advised me on the best London H - I had a thread entitled that and I think from their advice Harrods scores pretty high and has the largest scarf selection - I'm going to Harrods next time. Bond St have been OK but I don't think I quite fit their profile - i.e. apart from H, I'm not big on designer clothes! Both Berlin stores have always been excellent to me and FSH is OK but usually too busy to give you any quality time! Harrods and FSH get such a cross section of people I don't think they are so likely to judge on appearances?
  3. gypas,
    Sloane Street is notorioulsy snooty, IMHO. There is something decidely creepy about the staff all watching you.
    I bought my Bolide from them 2 years ago, and while they were all quite polite, I found the whole experience just a little underwhelming!!
    I wouldnt choose to shop there again, and nor should you, you could always find a nicer SA who is willing to do a transfer from any boutique to another
    Hermes Harrods and Manchester are just so kind and polite, I wouldnt really bother going elsewhere.
  4. gypas - sorry you had such an unpleasant experience. I have shopped at several H boutiques in the U.S. in my travels and have had varying levels of service. There are always going to be people who grovel at the feet of someone the perceive to be in a higher class to themselves, and treat anyone 'lower' with disdain.
  5. I have occasionally had good service there but the two worst service experiences in my life were at this store and I have discussed it with other Hermes buying friends.
    Firstly when I had my herbag repaired there and I was carrying my Kelly I was informed by the SA to "next time buy a proper bag" and secondly when I walked in there once to buy a scarf but carrying a Primark shopping bag (which contained 6 cashmere jumpers) the SA let it be known she did not want me to carry a Hermes bag down the street (I was wearing a mink collared coat and carrying my Kelly) so she just wrapped up my scarf and I put the box in my Primark bag!!
    Worse a friend was basically blackmailed into buying a Birkin there. She was on the list for one colour and an SA rang and told her she had to buy another colour first (which she didn't like) or she would not get the colour she did want for at least 5 years (she still hasn't got the bag she wanted two years later).
    I have always had great service at Bond Street but if I can I go to Harrods and get the rewards points :smile:
  6. I had the same experience too Scarf Addict! It's probably with the same male SA too.. kept showing me what colours i should like etc etc.. didn't listen to what i was saying.. which is why i avoid him whenever I go to H Sloane St. Why oh why are they so snooty? i can never understand it..

    SarahB... i went in with a Primark paper bag and a SA said very loudly' 'MAM PRIMARK AND HERMES JUST DON'T GO TOGETHER!' I was like ?!?!?!?!
  7. I am disgusted by all of these stories, but in particular the SA comments re: primark bag. Disgusted....
  8. I find it rather ironic and sad that a brand that purports to stand for high standards and class, employs some sales associates who epitomize the opposite. To me the only way you can make this conduct change is to give feedback to Hermes and to shop at stores where you are treated with respect. Sorry for your terrible experience.
  9. I am sorry to hear this. I am hoping to get my first Birkin soon and I have already heard that the Sloane Street branch is not great. I have called Selfridges and they said they will not have a new list this year so that only leaves Bond Street. I am not liking being judged by what I am wearing however. Why should we be expected to wear designer clothes to go and spend thousands of pounds? What difference would it make for them? It is not good for the brand to treat people badly if they are carrying Primark bags!
  10. I cannot believe they have the hide to tell you what paper bags to carry!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know what primark is but this is just so horrible and mean.
  11. Primark is a clothing store with great prices for everyday wear. Lots of people buy their childrens clothes from there as they are super cheap and kids just roll in the mud.
  12. Thanks, so just like Target or K-Mart. That makes my blood boil, it is just such a rude thing to say to someone.
  13. Also my DH made an enquiry in Terminal 3 Heathrow yesterday at my request. He was wearing his pilot clothes and the SA was really rude he said. This made me really angry too. She told him to go to a high street store. He was laughing when he told me.
  14. ^ gosh that's terrible...

    if it weren't for the beautiful yummy goodies H has, i would've been stopped frequenting H boutiques after the countless cold shoulder treatment.
  15. Yeah me too. I will buy all my goodies then stop frequenting :roflmfao: