Horrible experience and the rudest SA in Hermes Sloane Street London

  1. Hello all

    I don't usually rant so my apologies in advance but what happened yesterday made me so angry I had to share.
    I live in London and yesterday I just popped in YSL Sloane Street to get a bday present for my dad, so after YSL I decide to enter the Hermes store (since it's a couple of shops up the road) to inquire
    about fall winter scarves (hoping to come home and share the scoop with the rest of the purse forum!) and a specific scarf ring I wanted to buy.
    The way I was treated was absolutely disgusting,
    There is this sale assistant who I find him always rather rude but this time he surpassed himself.
    He asks me what I want and I duly explain, he remains unhelpful and indifferent, to facilitate him I suggest uploading the hermes website on my blackberry so he can see the specific scarf ring and order it for me.
    Whilst waiting for the website to load a lady comes in, he jumps like a wild animal on a prey exclaiming her name and leaves me without a word to go and serve her.
    I guess his need to grovel was so urgent he completely forgot his manners, but anyway sarcasm aside, I understand she was his client,he had a bag for her etc etc, but a simple “I am sorry my client just came my colleague will take care of you” would have been so nice.
    So I am left in the middle of the shop floor blackberry in one hand, the person at the door sees me and asks me if I want some help, a girl who was sitting observing the whole scene doing nothing comes and manages to be as unhelpful albeit less rude than the other guy.
    I don't know what ticked him off and he made me feel so unwelcome as if he wanted to say “you don't belong here”.
    Certainly I was not as perfectly dressed and groomed as his client who had a completely different style and was at least two decades older than me, but I would have thought that a Temperley top, Jimmy Choo flats, black trousers and an YSL bag are more than enough for a Saturday morning.
    I know I am being mean here but the thing is that I can afford my clothes they are not part of some uniform that I have to take off at the end of my shift as opposed to his clothes.
    I have got a wonderful SA at Hermes Harrods who not only has impeccable taste and manners but she is also extremely professional and also had such a good experience from the girls in Hermes Bond Street that I will never set foot in that place again.
    But still the overall attitude makes me livid.
    In times of economic uncertainty it's quite amazing he can afford to send away clients, and in any case whatever the demand big or small he has to help the clients that's his job.
    I am sorry I haven't got his name so I can officially complain to the company.
    Thanks for listening

  2. Sorry you had such an unpleasant experience, not at all acceptable for Hermes. TBH what you were wearing would bear no relation to the way you were treated

    I have found that Sloane St is by far the least friendly of all the London stores which is why I no longer frequent it and stick with Bond St and Selfridges. I would strongly suggest you do the same and no longer give them your custom, it's not like we don't have enough other H stores in London
  3. This sounds awful, sorry to hear you had an unpleasant experience!
  4. So sorry to hear that,you should send a claim to Hermès(customer service,Paris),this behaviour is unacceptable,and should be report.
    Thanks God,you don't need any rude SA to know your personal value!
    I'm usually a very kind person,but when I meet some person like this guy,,it's a real pleasure for me to be worth than he can be...:devil:,thinking I'm a sort of avenger for shy customers:boxing:;)
  5. Sorry for the bad experience. It sucks to get that bad taste in your mouth, especially over a brand that you like.
  6. I feel sorry for you.. it's touch and go at H Sloane Street (for me anyways).. most days they are very unapproachable but there have been a FEW occasions where the SAs are alright. I have a feeling i know which SA you are referring to. Nevermind..it's their loss... and H Harrods gain!:smile:
  7. Would anybody be willing to give me a name of an SA i should try and 'win over' to get my birkin! been waiting for ages now and no joy!! i do purchase other items but from a different store everytime!! anyone know anyone in Harrods??
  8. All the staff at H Harrods are extremely friendly..:smile:
  9. Thanks misssA... will try!
  10. gypas:Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience.:sad::hugs:I agree with the others..just shop at other H stores in London.They don't deserve your time and money.The SAs should not treat you differently based on the way you're dressed.

    I go to my local H store regularly but am treated like an invisible/unwanted person so I only make small purchases.This is the only shop in the country...:sad:DH and I have decided to make bigger purchases at other H stores when we travel.
  11. I think the same two SA's "helped" me when I was in London in January!!! I'm 65 and was VERY nicely dressed - short fur coat, Hermes Kelly, nice pants and sweater and Hermes scarf, good jewelry. I was looking for several things and they could not have been less helpful or knowledgeable. I left without buying anything. I had previously (a few years before - I do NOT live in London), had good experiences buying scarves at the Bond St store.
  12. I have never been to the Hermes boutique that you all are criticizing, but I am livid as I read this. Such blatantly rude treatment of a customer is unacceptable, no matter how you are dressed, or whether you are a regular client of the salesperson. There is simply no excuse for bad manners. And the fact that several of you recognize this ill mannered person shows that the situation has persisted for far too long.

    This SA needs to be reported, in writing, to the manager of the store, to corporate headquarters, and to whomever else will address the problem. In fact, it seems that the whole store needs a thorough shaking up!!

    This person has no business representing a luxury brand, or working in retail in any capacity.

    When I go to my local Target or Penney's I receive polite, quality service. I would certainly expect the same from Hermes.

    Don't just avoid this store- turn the SA in! He does not deserve his job. At the very least, he needs some customer service training.
  13. That is unforgivable! How extremely rude of them! I wouldn´t ever go back there but I understand that your do since it´s the only H in your country.......so soory about such treatment emma!

    Gypas.....report that rude person to Paris, and start enjoying your H purchases else where like Harrods or Selfridges. Good luck! Don´t let this ignorant person/persons spoil your love for H!

  14. So sorry to read of your horrible experience, there can be NO excuse for bad manners and lack of respect in stores and in life !! Do go and treat yourself to something lovely from one of the other far more helpful London boutiques, do not let one ignorant individual spoil what should be a special and happy occasion !