Horrible diaper rash...

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  1. so DD is up on her knees rocking all the time, not crawling yet, but she rocks CONSTANTLY, so she has rubbed herself raw on the side of her lady area.

    I haven't been putting diaper cream on it, just Neosporin, is there anything else I can do?
  2. Triple Paste. It's strong and it's over the counter. I am a hospital pharmacist and it's used on the tiniest of neonates to the bigger babies at the hospital I work at.. It's very effective.
  3. Thank you! I've been reading up on the net, I hope she doesn't have a yeast infection!

    Is that the name brand? "Triple Paste"?
  4. If it is a yeast rash, you can do equal parts of Neosporin and Lotrimin AF and use that as a diaper creme. Works like a charm. My son had a yeast rash on his bottom one time (a reaction to antibiotics) that was raw and bleeding. Cleared it up completely in 2 days. Just be sure to clean it well, and then get it really nice and dry before you put the mixture on.
  5. Thanks Christy, all they had at CVS was Lotramin ULTRA and the package said not to use that as a diaper cream bc it has some new stuff in it. I couldnt' find just the AF. I did find the Triple Paste and have been using that.

    How do I tell the difference btwn a horrible diaper rash and a yeast infection? It is raw in one area but does that automatically mean yeast infection?

    If it's not cleared up completely by Monday should I take her to the doc or no?

  6. Aww! When my kids were a babies and got a rash, I tried to "air out" their bottom areas as much as possible.....I was willing to clean up any messes (kept a close eye on them)..let them go with out a diaper for a while at every changing.
  7. a yeast infection will look kinda like blisters, very red, very raw and regular diaper rash ointment won't cure it.

    when my son had one, his ped told me to put anything that treats fungal infections [athletes foot, jock itch...etc] on and then smear on so much diaper rash ointment that the anti fungal doesn't get wiped off by the diaper...it worked and was so much better in a day.
  8. Thanks everyone, just from using Triple paste it seems much better but there is one really raw area. I bought some regular lotramin tonight, I've been letting her go natural for a couple of times during the day, she loves it!
  9. glad it's getting better!! and i have a onesie for mack that says "i would rather be naked" LOL!
  10. Sorry it took me so long to reply...I'm glad it's getting better. Yes, a yeasty rash will be bumpy.
  11. It's almost completely gone, thankfully! Thanks to all you wonderful ladies for the advice! I love it here!
  12. ^^ woohoo! so it must have been just a bad rash. im glad it's gone! sounds like triple paste is some good stuff. i'll have to remember that if mack gets a bad one.
  13. I'm late on this thread and I'm glad your baby's rash is going away but Missbanff is right on the money....going all natural helps dry out and heal diaper rash quickly.
  14. An old wives tell for diaper rash is browning flour or cornstarch...My mother & sisters used it when my nieces/great-nieces had diaper rash...
    Glad to hear it's getting better!
  15. if your breastfeeding putting the breast milk on the rash can also heal it. :smile: