Horrible Customer Service at LV!

  1. Does anyone knows where/how to complain about LV Customer Service? More specific: I went to one of the LV Stores in Germany (I'm stationed here), and left with nothing because the salesperson was very rude. I was shocked by the way he treated me. Now that I cooled off a little I would like to make that loud. He needs to get fired!
  2. Sorry this happened to you. I would suggest calling 866-VUITTON # and maybe ask them.
  3. you can goto louisvuitton.com and click on "contact us" at the top right hand corner..or call customer dept in germany 0 211 864 700
  4. Try 0211 - 864 700, that's the customer service number for Germany.

    Sorry to hear about what has happened. What store where you at?
  5. I am so sorry you had a bad experience. Maybe if you call the 866 number they will be able to help you.
  6. what happened?
  7. Which store did you go to? Can you tell us what happened? I've been going to the store in Stuttgart, and every SA and the store manager I've dealt with have been very nice and helpful.

    I would definitely call & complain.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your negative experience at LV... I hope you get to speak to a manager!
  9. It was the Nuernberg Store. I usually shop there. But they have one Male SA and he is horrible. I went there to purchase a purse (Lodge GM) and asked him to show it to me, but he showed no interest in selling the purse to me. I decided to leave...a week after I went there again and was assisted by a nice Female but he walked up to her and whispered (in German) that I looked at the bag last week so she shouldn't "waste her time" with me. He thought I didn't understand what he was saying. I got very uspet and left the store without the bag. AGAIN! Now everytime I go there I always avoid him (not like he shows interest in helping me). Once me and my husband walked in there and he was resting his arms on the counter reading a magazine. Didn't even look at us. I'm fed up with him so that's why I would like to talk to his boss. I went there yesterday (bought few items) and was told that he is on leave right now. Yay! But I got the Manager's email so I emailed her already. I emailed Paris Customer Service as well. Let's hope they will hear me out! I treat people with respect and expect the same in return.

    Thank you for all your help!:heart:
  10. I think it's better if you wrote a complaint letter with all the details including his name. That way, it's documented. goodluck!
  11. well sorry it happened to u. These snooty SAs. :push: He needs to be taught a lesson!
  12. I am usually low key, but in situation like this I would be tempted to buy the bag while he is out on leave then the next time you go in let him know (in German) that he could have had the commission if he had exhibited good customer service. I have worked in retail before and one of the first lessons you should learn is you never know who will be a good customer so you should treat everyone with respect and as if they will be the biggest spender.
  13. Sorry about that! I think you did the right thing by emailing the store manager, perhaps you should also follow up with a phone call? And tell him/her you are talking to someone at Headquarters too. SAs like that do not deserve to have a job, no matter where they work they shouldn't have that attitude. If they don't like to help people, go find another job.
  14. The store manager emailed me back. Here is her reply:

    "first of all, I want´to say sorry in advance for my english, which is not perfect.

    I´m shocked to hear what has happened to you and I want to thank you, that you took the decision to inform me.
    Because that´s the only possibility for me to react, and be sure, I will react .

    For the moment the only thing I can do is - to say SORRY !!!!!!
    If you are nearby the next time, I would love to invite you to a glas of champagne to excuse me personally.

    Hopefully you will furthermore allow our female sales person to serve you.


    It makes me feel much better that she hear me out. I'm not a snob kind of customer and I don't expect to be treat like a VIP but would like a little bit of respect especially at the store like LV.

    Have a great day all!:heart:
  15. seems like many people are having issues with LV in germany !