HORRIBLE customer service at Burberry


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Dec 27, 2008

I own a few Burberry items: toggle coat, moon boots, scarves and tote.

The new Burberry store opened at Yorkdale Mall (toronto) recently. I went in today to check it out.

I saw a cute peacoat on Burberry's website (approx for $600 and change US) It was cute and in black.

They had a similar one but in grey, an SA approached me and went to go get my size. I knew it was the coat I saw on the website and asked him where the black ones were. He told me they didn't make them in black. When I explained I saw it on the website he said the website isn't updated often (wthhh???) I didn't even bother arguing. I ended up going to Holts aftewards and bought a MBMJ coat.

On my way out of the Burberry store I saw a cute scarf. I don't know exactly what its called but its not the winter/wool ones... Its more like a pashmina. It's in the classic Burberry pattern. (It was $275 I believe).

I mentioned to the SA (a different one that was standing nearby) that I wanted it. She told me that they only had 2 left (both on display). I said give me the one that is less used. (Stupid me)

I SAW her inspecting it as she rang me out. (But I was on a work call).

All happy I walk out and return home to look at my beautiful scarf- and guess what? There is a HOLE in it... The threads are pulled and everything. Also, there is two more holes and a large indent and crease from the security tags. (Wthhhh?) How can they sell me that???? I know I agreed to the floor model but the SA inspected it! I tried calling the Burberry store 3 times- NO ANSWER! I'm fuming! $300+ for a scarf... And now I have to drive allll the way back there!


Also, is that style THAT popular? How could they be sold out? That store is pretty new! (A few weeks old)? Can they send me the scarf to save me the trip? How good is Burberry customer service?
May 14, 2009
East Coast
Wow that's not good I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience. I've always had amazingly great customer service at the Burberry stores. But usually the people that help me tends to be the manager of the store which is always nice. If I were you I'd call the store and ask to speak with the manager of the store to complain to them and explain the situation.. I'm sure they will exchange your scarf or give you store credit and along with a discount on a new item.


Apr 22, 2009
if you are in canada they should be able too. when i have to sell a floor model ill look it over then have the customer look it over too. and i never tell a client that we dont make it just becase a DEPT store may have it or online. you should call and order the other scarf and see if they can order the coat then send back the scarf you have if you didnt like the SA and make sure the first one doesnt get it eather.


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May 1, 2009
wow! sorry you had a bad experience :sad:
i was there on sunday and had a great SA (jake)...i guess its a hit or miss there


Feb 15, 2008
That totally sucks! Let us know the outcome.

Hopefully they'll order a new one for you and give you a discount!
Jul 18, 2008
New York City
Try contacting them again they should eventually answer their phone. If not they dont answer, contact Burberry's corporate customer service and they should give you the contact info of the manager of the store or contact him/her on their own. If the store is too far away the manager should give you the address to ship it to them and when he/she receives your scarf he should exchange it for one that is new and un-used and ship it back to you. I've had a similar incident with Burberry and this worked for me.


Oct 22, 2006
I understand your frustration. I had a stud on my Knight Satchel come loose today and snag itself on my sweater. I called Burberry and kept getting forwarded to a voicemail recording. When I called my local boutique, the manager that I was transferred to was completely uninterested in my problem, had no idea of the bag I was referring to and spoke so garbled I could hardly understand what he was saying to me. I was finally able to make out that I'm supposed to bring my bag into the store, where they will assess IF my bag can be fixed - which is a complete joke. I didn't spend $3K on a bag (that I use sparingly and take care of) for it to start falling apart and have the company not stand behind it. This is my only Burberry and it will be my last if the situation doesn't work out with my bag getting fixed properly.

Additionally, I had a stud that actually FELL off months ago - I had called customer service, gone to the store, etc. - and at that time I was told that they didn't know how to handle repairs or if the service was even offered.

I am not a complainer by nature, but it seems to me that good customer service should be a given when dealing with high-end, expensive merchandise...and any merchandise for that matter. I'll post the outcome when there is one!


Aug 18, 2009
I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible experience! I was just at Burberry in the Somerset Collection (Troy, MI). All the SA's were amazing.


Aug 19, 2008
Virginia, USA
I am so so sorry about the lousy service and disrespect you received at the Burberry store you went to. My husband and I were in Washington DC this past weekend and I had all intentions of going to the Burberry store located at the Tysons Galleria Mall to buy a Burberry bag and wallet for me and my husband. Not one salesperson greeted us or even came by to even ask if we wanted some help. My husband and I were standing and gesturing that we wanted help. The saleswoman next to me just gave me this "stuck-up" snare and continued talking to this old woman about her wedding ring (I guess the SA thought she was going to get some top commission from this woman but the old woman did not buy a thing, nor did her husband).

We left that store angry and went to Nordstrom at Tysons Corner Mall and bought my Burbbery things over there. I feel a bit stupid buying merchandise from a company (with my very hard earned money) who does not give a rat's behind about treating all customers with respect. I am really tempted to return all of my Burberry merchandise for a refund and say "screw them" and buy another brand.

I hope your situation was resolved to your satisfaction. Please let me know.


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Dec 30, 2010
i came across this post through a google search and had to share my experience.

I went into the burberry store at the westchester mall in NY, my wife has wanted a burberry down coat for a while and so i thought id get it as a late xmas present...the store didnt have it, but the SA (Amanda) was very nice and said she'll order it and i will get it before the holiday weekend, I was very happy and so I agreed, she took my card and swiped, but then realized she made a mistake and voided the transaction, she tried to swipe again but my bank didnt allow it and my card was bricked, i called them and the block was lifted but the funds wont be released till saturday!...which is too late and i probably wont get the coat till next week. since yesterday morning they've been telling me it will be taken care of, but is all BS because it wont, today i got the honors of speaking with the rudest effin women including an assistant manager, who pretty much told me if im too broke to afford another 650% swipe then thats my problem, that there is nothing they can do until the funds are released and that is not their problem what i do.....fortunately i had spoken to my bank and they said the only way the funds can be released is by a faxed letter from the store with a managers signature, i told this to the assisntant manager today on the phone and she said to call back tomorrow and speak with Amanda, that they were closed, mind you it was 8:05pm when she told me this and they closed at 8:00pm....i then said "you guys have awesome customer service" and she effinnnn hung up on me!!!!!!!....now im furiuos and im afraid i wont be too nice tomorrow when i personally go to the store.

I was wondering what are the steps to file a complaint against this manager i spoke with?....would she even be called upon on it?...i dont want anyone to lose their job but i do want some action to be taken, this is a high end retailer and ive never experienced such ***** attitude at other stores like this, LV for example has better costumer service than most retailers high, mid or low end brands...

PS forgot to mention on more than one called i was placed on hold for up to 7 minutes and then hung up on....this is ********

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Jan 7, 2010
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Im a SA at the burberry in LAs Vegas Forum and I have to say the scarf you got is the wool cashmere one which is popular but not to a point of being sold out. Also we have a lot of back stock. As far as the customer service issue I have to say that each employee is trained for 4 weeks for customer service so to hear that is very sad. Our store is the only store in the WORLD to have gotten a 100% secret shop score. :smile: hope they solved your problem