Horrible clothing store lighting -spinoff

  1. This is a spinoff from the dressing-rooms-with-no-mirrors thread. Someone mentioned the poor lighting, and that has been a beef of mine for some time. I have sallow skin-tone, and the lighting in many stores makes me look positively ill. How can I tell if anything works on me if I look ill no matter what? So I end up buying nothing, and taking my business elsewhere.:P
  2. Yeah, sometimes the lighting in stores makes my skin looks yellow. And sometimes it's so dark I can't even see myself. coughhollisterandabercrombiecough)
  3. Oh I know and 100% agree! At Hollister, it seems like they don't even clean their mirrors and at Abercrombie, the mirrors are tilted like we're in a fun house!:throwup:

    A cute little story I had to share: One time my Dad and I were shopping and we went into Hollister- As soon as he walks in, he goes "Why is it so dark in here- **looks at the price tag on a shirt**, so you can't see the price?"! And the day we went in, it was rainy/windy out, but all of the employees were dressed in skirts and flip flops- he thought that was pretty funny too. And then he was looking at the jeans, and he goes "Whats the difference between vintage wash and strech?"!! :upsidedown:

    And another thing that bugs me is the stairs! Its so dark when you walk in, one time I tripped and stumbled! My friend was with me and we both started laughing so hard because that is such a thing that I would do!

    And the music in both of the places!:jammin: Holy cow! Its wayyy to loud! I've had to walk out of the store a few times because the music was to loud and I was getting a headache!

    Anyway,invisicat-Please don't worry about how your skin looks! I'm sure that it looks great in natural day light! Maybe if you bought something and then tried it on in a different store (from where it was purchased) that has good lighting, you'll be able to see how it truely looks- I'm not sure if thats allowed but it could be a solution!
  4. My skin tone doesn't bother me as much as my body does. I am honestly convinced that there are skinny mirrors and fat mirrors. J Crew totally has fat mirrors, which isn't a good idea for a store that sells swimsuits. I am always discouraged from purchasing anything in that store. Redrose- you are totally right: The music is WAY too loud in Abercrombie and Hollister-not to mention that MAC counter in department stores.
  5. i KNOW! but i read somewhere that they MUST keep it between certain decibals...GREAT. I think i would do more shopping there if there was LIGHT. Has anyone been in Reuhl's? It's WORSE.
  6. I know what you mean about poor lighting. At my local Macy's, there are certain dressing rooms that I totally avoid, because it's SO dim and dark in there.
  7. I've been lucky that the lighting has been good at the places I shop. I do require a mirror in my dressing room though because I'm not going out of that room. I love the pedistal (sp?) that Saks has in their dressing rooms.
  8. I've got very pale skin and with poor lighting I look like a plucked chicken in those dressing rooms, bleeh.
  9. :lol: You would think they would want us to look good!
  10. The loud, booming, obnoxious music is one of the reasons I stay the hell away from Abercrombie and Hollister. I don't mind stores that have a little music, but these two stores overdo it. It actually gives me a headache to stand anywhere near either store. Besides, even at 26 I feel a bit too old to be shopping there. It seems like everyone there (employees included) is under 20.
  11. I know! I've been to so many places with this problem and I just look so horrible it makes me not want to buy anything and then I just think how do I walk out the house looking like this sometimes LOL :shame:
  12. Kinda OT but I HATE the lighting at makeup counters... you can never tell how the colors REALLY look on you under all that lighting! I usually tell them I'm going to step out for a second (so I can go into the main section of the mall which has sunlight) to check. I've bought too many shades of lipgloss that make me look positively :throwup: in real lighting so now I won't buy anything until I check how it looks in other lighting.
  13. Hollister is HORRIBLE!! It is sooo dark in there, half the time you don't know if you are buying a black or navy shirt! I went in once and never went in again, it sucks there!
  14. Gosh I can't stand AF,Hollister,Ruhel..............................MUSIC IS LOUD,LIGHTING SUCKS,AND YEAH!!!