Horrible Chanel Soho Experience (sorry long)

  1. For my Xmas present I told my DH that I wanted the brown Chanel Cambon with the chocolate patent CC's. He was in Dubai Waki City on business and purchased it there. Unfortunately he bought the smaller brown pochette with the beige CC's by mistake (I did not have a great photo for him to go by). Lovely but too small for everyday. I wanted the next size. Also after opening the box I tried to retie the handles to make them longer just to see if I could possibly keep it and I decided no. For that price I shoud get exactly what I wanted.

    Anyhow I had a hard time retying the handles so just left them untied and put it all back into the sleepr bag and into the box. We decided I should try to exchange it at the big Chanel Boutique here in NYC. I really did not feel like returning it to Dubai.

    I had all the receipts and documents etc and the bag is was perfect, just untied. All packed up nicely as I had received it. When I arrived in Chanel soho, one SA finally deigned to help me. The rest all stood around vapidly with attitude. He opened the box immediately said "IT IS DAMAGED!!!!!" I said I just tried to make the strap longer. Then he says it is a color they do not even sell at that store (I had seen it in the Bloomingdale's boutique not even a month before). I had gone back to purchase it there but it ws gone. Finally he brings out a larger version in black (not what I wanted and he copies how to retie it. Well at least the purse is back on track and usable. Anyhow he finally says I can not exchange it there and suggests I just "REGIFT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I have never heard of anything so ridiculous. I just wanted to save having to send it back thousands of miles. He did however give me the correct model number of the one I wanted so we can re-order correctly this time. My husband said that the lady who helped him in Dubai could not have been nicer.

    Does this turn you off to Chanel??????

    just ranting
  2. I’ve learned that chanel customer service (or any other designer) can be wonderful or horrible, just like any other service you get. Some SAs really don’t care that you spent $2,000 on a bag cause there was probably someone in 5 minutes before you spending $$$$$ on a suit, shoes, bag and jewelry! I had a pink caviar bowler I owned for about a year and the handles cracked. I know that’s a while but you could easily tell by the pristine condition of the bag that it had probably been carried 10 times. I brought it back to Neimans for repair. I still had my receipt. They first made a stink cause it had been a year. I said, hey, this bag was $1100, it should last longer than this! So they sent it out. When I got it back they had used some type of white glue (or whatever substance) to seal the handles. I was like this bag is PINK not WHITE. They really didn’t see anything wrong with it. I told them if I knew they were going to fix it like this I would have never given it to them. I really had to make a stink for them to send it out again. Second time it came back all goopy and nasty and the glue they used was a yellowish beige color. And it was sloppy. The manager even admitted that it looked awful. I couldn’t believe the repair person let it go like that. In the end they credited my NM charge so I could buy something new so it was a good ending. But it was quite an ordeal and I was surprised at the SAs attitude.

    Also had a 2 month old marshmallow pink LV vernis wallet that got stains on it that would not come out. I called eluxury customer service to see if they had any recommendations for cleaning. The guys actually said to me "yea, it does that. Guess they figure if you can spend $400 on a wallet, you can afford to buy a new one when it gets stained!" :wtf:
  3. It does not turn me off to Chanel, but I can see where this would be frustrating. It was not necessary for the SA's to be so rude, and your right ridiculous, but I guess this could happen with any boutique. Most of the time, I have dealt with very nice SA's, except once and I just decided to get the bag elsewhere.

    Sorry this happened to you - just don't reorder from the mean SA's.
  4. im sorrry this happened to u, try to call dubai's boutique again and see what they can do for u .. im pretty sure they dont have exchange policy but hopefully they can do something 4u ...

    if u need anything plz PM me .. i live in dubai
  5. Can you try returning it at another Chanel? Apart from the one on Spring, NYC (from what I can remember) has another one on E57th street. I remember I bought a pair of earrings in Vegas and they were very nice about my return. Maybe they might be more helpful there? Just a thought... Nasty SA's are the worse, they can really ruin the shopping experience.
  6. Thanks ladies.

    We faxed Dubai today and are awaiting the response. It was purchased with a credit card so I am positive we can just send it back, signed and insured and have the credit card company remove the charges so it could have an ok but unexciting and purseless ending.

    It is just sad the an item you have wanted turns out to have such an unhappy journey. It truly was not fun in the Chanel boutique and how could "regifting " an expensive brand-new purse be considered a satisfactory answer??? A friend says I should also write to the Chanel corporate offices and see how they respond. Isn't there supposed to be customer service?

    However I think the SA I got in Soho on Spring was just a pill. I returned it the day after Xmas. Who wanted to be working that day????? I also think that now that it is way after Xmas the selection for exchange in Dubai may be limited and the color I want may be gone.

    Ah well... lessons learned:

    1. When you see an item: Buy it. Do not wait a month. it just seemed unromantic for me to be the one to buy it etc.

    2. For Winniejo: If a high-end luxury item has a problem, instead of taking it back to Neimans (which makes more than perfect sense as you bought it there) instead take it right to a Chanel boutique. Neiman's may have sent it out to a regular repair shop. I am surprised as Neiman's is a quality store but they all vary and a "ditz" may have serviced you. However I am glad it had a happy ending after far too much hassle.

    3. Thank you so much Chloe. I will see what happens when Dubai responds. BTW is it a lovely store? Is there a great selection there? I was so surprised at the poor selection in Chanel Soho and the better selection at Bloomingdales. My husband said that the girl who helped him could not have been nicer.
  7. Wow, I'm so sorry this happened to you. That sounds like dreadful customer service. How awful! Hopefully, Dubai will be able to help you out. They are typically very nice there, but I haven't been there in about a year.

    Winniejo- It's appalling to me that the customer rep at ELUX said that. It's almost sounds crude to me. I guess I won't be buying from them anytime soon.
  8. jusr rude.. i dont care if you are having a bad day, the profession you choose was to cater to people..you work off commission and you represent a fasion
    EMPIRE that has been around forever... its riduculos..they should have exchanged the bag and ordered you the right one on the spot..
    it would have taken all but 15 minutes to locate whether or not they had one.. i would have spoken to the MANAGER of the store...
    and a letter to corporate would have been one of 8 i wrote,.. after i was done. what a extra uneccessary hassle.
  9. regift it??!! If I were head-to-toe designer, I'd raise hell about that comment at the boutique.
  10. how rude!! Im sorry that has happened to you!
  11. I had a poor experience in that Chanel boutique in NY myself. And I said I would not be going back in there again anytime soon if ever. I don't find it pleasurable to shop in a boutique when all of the SA's come at you with an air of disdain. It is a definite turn-off. Sorry about your situation with your bag though. And don't let it the behavior of those SA's sour you on Chanel.