Horrible buyer, stressing me out

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  1. About a week ago I listed a juicy couture starter charm bracelet on eBay, and someone one it. The buyer Member id brandyronek11 has never paid me, tomorrow I can open up a case on them. I still have not received payment, and I have sent them 2 invoices and emailed then and never got any contact back.
    Well this evening my once 100% perfect feedback score has been hugely effected thanks to this buyer. They left a negative feedback and I will quote exactly what they said below.

    "horrible seller.crazy.freaks out if u dont pay right at ending .crazy!"

    I have reported this to eBay hoping they'll remove and, and when I open my case tomorrow to report this buyer I will also mention this feedback.

    What else can I do?
  2. The auction only ended on 8/7. Ebay gives them 4 days to pay before you can file a NPB.
    So in the space of three days the buyer got the automatic invoice from Ebay plus two more from you and emails? That is waaaay too much IMO. If you want them to pay right away just do BIN with Immediate payment Required.
    If I was the buyer I don't think I would have left you negative fb before I even paid, but I would think that you were a bit too much.
  3. I have NEVER had a buyer go this long without paying, either on eBay or any other site I use to sell, and I've been selling for a long time...and it's definitely obvious that this person is known for never paying or getting in contact with the people that they have placed bids on items.

    I would have at least expected a notice from them or some form of contact letting me know "hey I'll be a little late making a payment" something!! But I have not heard from this person at all until they decided this evening to leave me a negative feedback score...
  4. IMO, this exposes yet another flaw in eBay's system.

    A buyer who has not paid for an item they've won should never be allowed to leave feedback.

    Please call eBay and ask them to remove feedback for this reason.
  5. ^ This is probably a stupid question, but is there a way to call eBay?
  6. if you intend to open up a case for a NPB ebay should remove the feedback..

    there are some sellers who think payment should be made promptly and there
    are buyers who do pay promptly others that unfortunately don't.. this buyer falls
    into that category.

    perhaps your buyer felt that you were more aggressive in getting payment..

    know that sellers are concerned about getting paid so that they don't have to go
    through the unpleasantness of dealing with this type of buyer who leaves feedback
    before paying... that was not nice & totally uncalled for..

    the buyer does have 4 days to pay, correct? in any case, if she didn't like the
    assertiveness of your invoices, she just could have told you when she was going to pay,
    that is not unreasonable.. but this buyer probably has issues..

  7. yes, there is... go on the customer support page..

    you should see a contact us and there is the info for you...
  8. Yes. Sign in to eBay. In the upper right corner of the page click on "Customer Support." On the right side of the customer support page click on "Contact Us."
  9. ^ I should have checked her feedback history first before contacting her so I'd be more prepared. I've never had to deal with someone who by their feedback is known for not contacting or not paying.
  10. Okay I just received a message from the buyer, threatening me with the negative feedback she left me, she still hasn't paid. I'm not responding to her, but I'm saving this message is there someway I can also report this to ebay?

  11. feedback extortion is not looked upon well from ebay..

    when you contact ebay, you can report this and ebay can
    also see the messages between you & the buyer.

    would not answer her.. leave this to ebay to take care of..

    do what you need to do...she probably is not going to pay
    you... just file a NPB when you need to and block her...
  12. Okay good! I didn't realized they'd see it. I have that message and then my attempted contact with the buyer from during the week.
    And I've already blocked her (or people like her) I looked up how to do so, and changed my settings so that people how have in their feedback for being known not to pay and so on. So those type of people including her cannot bid on anything.

    It will probably be awhile before I do sell anything else on eBay, I'm pretty sure I have anxiety issues because this little issue has me stressed out to the max, and I won't feel better until it's all resolved and done and over with!!!
  13. and please add her name to the BBL here.
  14. I did on the non-paying bidder thread, is that what you're talking about. ^

  15. well do understand the issue that you are having with this
    unpleasant buyer to say the least, however, if you have
    enjoyed the experience of selling, let this situation pass and
    take a little time out and then think about coming back...

    don't let one rotten apple spoil it for you... then SHE WINS!!