Horrible Bbag!!! I think...

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  1. Hi ladies. I just came back from a trip to China and I saw two bbags which suprised me. One was on a lady in the Beijing airport, which looked like a Maroon weekender. The other was at a temple about an hour away from Shanghai. This bag was horrible and I have never seen one like it. It was a city style and it was all leather (or pleather more likely). The main leather of the body of the bag was a paisley print with the leather borders all different colors. I doubt Bal has ever made a bag like this. It even got me more frustrated when the People Style issue with Hayden P. on it talked about Bbags and then gave an imitation website. Has anyone ever seen this or a knock-off this bad?
  2. I've seen a pleather Bal City at my Uni. Eww.
  3. My mum recently went to Selfridges in London to check out the Balenciaga bags. She said the sales rep told her that there are new b-bags coming out with patterns on them. I didnt think anything of it until I read this post.
    Could this be what you saw?
    I hope not as it sounds pretty yucky!
  4. No, what lolaluvsu saw sounds like a fake. What your mom heard about sounds like the new fugly (but authentic) floral bags that are coming out for the S/S '08 season. Of course, the fugly part is my own opinion...no offense to anyone who likes these... :P
  5. Floral!!!! :wtf:
    Are there any pics of those floating around the forum? I gotta see this!
  6. There were also some florals in the past, I think. There's one on eBay now that I actually quite like and believe I've seen pics of on the forum before. It's a pretty cream colored background with kind of a black and muted delicate floral. The spring/summer ones are definitely much, much bolder and more strikingly patterned.
  7. I don't know what the thread is, but I really like the floral with green leather! Of course, I would have to see it IRL. :yes:
  8. Have a look at the "place for fakes" thread in this Forum. There are some funny shockers on there. Almost like limited edition horror-fakes! Good for a laugh anyway!

    I never see real Bbags where I live. My latest super-fake eye-sore was in this TDF shoe shop over here called "Mollini" and there was a fake Jaune (more of a baby poo brown...you know, like when they have just eaten pumpkin & milk???) City with GGH. It was very plastic looking, very shiny and flat. The lady carrying it was prancing around like a body builder in a steroid shop. Clearly showing off her bag. Hilarious!

    I was carrying my humble French Blue RH Day and she was looking at me like mine was fake!!! She said that she had never seen a "daggy tassel hobo bag" like that before and asked if I got mine from Target! OMG! I laughed my head off. I wasn't interested in justifying my Bbag with a comment to that statement.

    After my heart palpitations eased, me and my lovely FB Day went to a quaint little cafe called "The French Twist" and we had a coffee together, LOL!!! I couldn't help but wonder afterwards if that lady really did think her bag was real and she may have paid a fortune for it???

    Then I didn't feel so bad about it because if she was rude and obnoxious enough to say that to me, a complete stranger, she must have deserved it!

    Oops, did I say that out loud???
  9. I'm currently holidaying in HK and I went on a day trip to Shenzhen in China. In the shopping mall I was in there were so many stores selling copied items which included Bbags as well. It was terrible!
  10. I have never seen a Balanciaga in my life, authentic or fake :sad:. I've seen them only online and here, actually didnt know anything about Bbags till I came here, I am glad I did ;)
  11. there are MANY & i mean MANY fakes in singapore recently. just going to town yesterday and i spotted 11 fugly fakes already. and mind you, those people dont even know how to choose their fakes wisely. the colour is off, tassles is off and everything is off!

    ahhhh fakes frustrate me!
  12. i mean, it was just so ugly. i mean, although i hate fakes myself, i would understand getting one that looked real. but why get an ugly, never produced fake? :yucky: