Horn-y items

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    I'd never had an opportunity to post them but here are the horn items I got for my hair (one comb, two hairsticks)
  2. Oh, Perja these are beautiful....I love Hermes Horn items....so gorgeous. I never get to see most IRL because my store is the store-with-no-merchandise.

    Did you get these in Paris?
  3. LOL, the title....I love the hairstick and the comb!! What's the name of the stick ?? I'd like to get them for my mother, do they come in other color ? BTW, how do you wear the comb?
  4. Pretty!!!:love:
  5. Lovely! :heart:
  6. I got those in Paris. I haven't managed to wear the comb in a cool manner... Just sort of poke around until it holds.
  7. Only you, Perja, could come up with a title like that.:P

    BTW, those are very tempting, very tempting indeed. Hmmmm, I actually don't own any Hermes horny items.
  8. That is very pretty!
  9. Perja, that title cracked me up. You and Japster come up with some great ones.

    They're lovely, those horn-y things. I wanna get down and horn-y too. LOL. I need some stuff for my hair which I never know how to manage.
  10. OK, Perja -- you got me to open the thread!! I confess....:shame:
  11. Beautiful!!
  12. Congrats Perja, they are unique pieces and great keepsakes!! I wonder if you can tie your H shawl with it and use it as a scarf ring too??
  13. I love Hermes horn-y items....only got one so far....Ano cuff but I'm off to H tomorrow. We'll see what they have (or DON'T have which is the usual thing)........
  14. Those are gorgeous!!! Congrats.
  15. They are exquisite! Enjoy, enjoy!!!:yes: