Horn or wood scarf ring anywhere?

  1. I'm wondering if I'll be more likely to wear scarves if I have a scarf ring. I definitely want one that's nice and light and won't slide, so after studying some of the threads, horn or wood sounds like the best bet. But, they also sound hard to find. Has anyone seen one anywhere?
  2. I have both and love them, they are both so light and easy to wear. My wood one is almost black (they come in different shades of brown) and the horn is a lighter brown. I bought both mine at the Madison Avenue store in NYC. Give them a call, if they don't have any call the 800 number and ask them to do a search. They are well worth having.

    oh.... Bergdorfs had them as well..... and NM.
  3. hi
    I saw them in the madison store recently!
  4. What's the price on these? Are they the same as the metals?
  5. I got one in Dec. and I believe it was only 105, a little less than the metal.
    ETA: I'll see if I can find the receipt.
  6. Boo hoo! I really want a horn ring and can't find one in UK. Hoping a friend might score one in Paris.

    Good luck Kimber!
  7. I bought one at Tysons as a present... a cute little one... it was indeed about 105 or something.
  8. Yep, I got mine at Neiman's in Troy, MI and it was $105 (Horn). I love it!
  9. I have to say Roses pics totally influenced me into buying a horn ring!!!
    I love it, it seems to change colour with my scarves.
    If I am wearing light scarves it seems to make it looks paler, but with darker scarves, it looks darker. I totally say get a horn ring if you can
  10. I've bought my horn scarf ring about 6 weeks ago in Luxembourg.
    It was 84 Euros, approx. 123 USD.

    I love it because it's lightweight and the scarf stays nicley in position.
    Without it, I probably would not wear my scarf a lot.
    Same goes for the divine little Twilly (Tribord) rings, made of laquered wood.

    Unfortunately I can't get neither of them to work with a gavroche.
    I find the horn one too big and the tribord too small. :sad:
  11. MaiTai...try the gavroche rings, perfect for the gavroche scarves.
  12. Is the horn ring very fragile? Will H stores ship one of these to me?
  13. Thanks Rose, I did not even know they exsist!!
    Are they hard to come by? Is there a choice of material and color?
    I do love my Argent Vif Gavroche in black, but I hardly ever wear it - hope that'll change soon..;)
  14. I've got a horn ring but, can't ever find the wood ring! I snagged a little set of small rings for Twillys and the gavroche--I've seen them in pastels and on the website in B/W/Red.
  15. The set you are referring to is probably the 'Anneaux Tribord' (three in a box).
    I've got them, but find they're too small for the Gavroche.
    Rose mentioned, that there is a designated Gavroche ring.
    Sourcing it will probably be something else.
    Good luck in finding your wooden ring!