Horn Hair Accessories

  1. Does anyone know how much the horn hair sticks are? Both the one with the "H" on top and the swirly heart-shaped thingy? I've been hunting for the horn scarf ring, but I recently discovered these and love them. Also, for anyone who has one, do they work with long, thick, insanely wavy hair?
  2. I have a couple and love them, but hardly use them because my hair's too short now. But they worked with straight, layered hair, so they should work with long, thick wavy hair.

    The only problem could be if you have VERY long, thick wavy hair, because the hair sticks aren't that long - maybe 6". But they're curved, to hold hair better.

    I seem to recall there was a thread and someone else with long wavy hair posted a picture of her hair held up with a hair stick. I can't remember the thread though.
  3. Oops. Sorry I missed that. Thanks wongnumber!

    By any chance do you know how much they are?