Hormone replacement

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  1. I know there was a string on this before, but I can't find it. If any of you have read my other posts you know I'm going thru a difficult time(very sick child/broken leg). When my leg was broken I required 2 surgeries so they took me off birth control pills(blood clot risk) I had been on for 25 years. I had one period in hospital, in June, nothing since. More difficult to handle are my emotions. I was able to keep them under control and then out of nowhere I was crying about everything. Two weeks ago they but me on hormones to try and jumpstart a period, my blood levels are very low for menapause. I didn't get a period, but I felt much better. I have been off pills since last Thursday and that loss of control feeling is coming back. I also have other symptoms, night sweats, difficult to concentrate, and so on. My doctor is calling in a script for more hormones and I was just wondering if anyone has been down this path and what you might have to say about hormone replacement, good thing or bad thing? I really need to hold myself together and anything that helps I think I need. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  2. so very sorry to read what you're going thru...yes, there was a thread started by Prada Psycho on topic of menopause/hot flashes, etc...and i do believe there was discussion of hormones...there have been debates on this topic over last several yrs in medicine...today many women opt for docs who prescribe hormones specifically for YOU...not generic hormone replacement therapy for the masses...IMHO u should start w a battery of blood work of all your hormone levels...good luck & i do hope u feel better!