Hormone Replacement Therapy: Magic or Poison?

  1. Some of you may be decades away from considering this question up close and personal, which means you have decades to read and rant and think about it, and you might as well get started now.

    Some of you may, like me, consider the stuff to be the difference between walking around half-dead, sobbing, simmering with rage and sweating like a mofo as opposed to skipping smugly past the Family Planning n' Feminine Needs aisle trying to suppress a smirk, brimming with the sheer glee that the Liberation of Menopause showers upon us, and others of you may have found that one or more of the various soy isotomes or isotoner slippers or whatever keep you in the Land of the Living just fine, thank you. At least so far. Or they don't really but you don't want to take the hormones because you believe them to be scary/dangerous/toxic/evil and you really hope that you can just keep taking the soy things because - because -

    Never mind. Here's a Kleenex. Blow your nose and share your views with the world. Look. I even turned up the air conditioning for you...
  2. Well I must admit that I am NOT a fan of any hormone replacement therapy. Having hormone replacement therapy can be much more harmful than helpful to the body and is making women everywhere estrogen dominant (as is the pill). Any synthetic hormone will do this.

    As we all become a little more aware, people should really turn back towards Eastern medicine- where holistic approaches are doing wonders for women.

    My mom is in the middle of menopause and has experienced hardly any symptoms at all... she is working closely with a nutritionist/holistic healer and her body is handling it amazingly.

    I think everyone should be open to other approaches...

    But yea, crack the windows and turn up the AC! :amuse:
  3. lol "sweating like a mofo"

    I'm nowhere close but if it were me I would for sure try out all of the natural supplements first. There are menopause formula's containing different herbs for all of the different symptoms.
  4. Three words: natural progesterone cream. It's not estrogen we need in menopause/peri-menopause it's progesterone. And NOT the "horse pee pills". All that happens with that is you swallow it and pee it right out. Not to mention the risks attached with artificial horomones.:wtf:

    I've been using natural progesterone cream (transdermal) over 5 years now and it's FANTASTIC! No hot flashes, no night sweats, nothing but happy happy, joy joy.:yahoo: There's no way I'm killing myself with artificial hormones. That's what has happened to our mothers' generation. They have been having strokes and heart attacks not because of their age, but because of those *#@% hormone pills. :cursing:

    Edit note: Maxter, GREAT article! It basically says what my little rant above says.
  5. OK..I had to have a total hysterctomy at age 30(Im 36 now)..I had the worst experience with that surgery as well..LOL..NOT a nice Jill For quite a while.Between Hot flashes ....evilness...etc....
    I installed a great celing fan via remote control too..lol..in my bedroom so I could turn on and off at will.I dont use any hormones and am totally fine now.BUT it took like a good 6 months to get there.I did try a hormone patch once...ick..no good.So if you can stick it out without hormone replacemets..GO FOR IT.I survived and now have ZERO probs!!
  6. ^^^You should give the natural progesterone cream a try, Jill. It really works and there are NO risks or side effects with it. That is unless being too happy from feeling human again could be considered a risk! :wlae:
  7. I had taken estrogen for a few years (before any of the new research came out), then found that I have a factor in my blood that puts me at higher risk for clots; taking hormones multiplies that risk a lot and and I had to stop immediately. It's been awful and I've tried every natural remedy there is. It's so difficult to be perspiring most of the time regardless of weather. I've been off the estrogen for about 6 years so I assume the symptoms will never go away.
  8. I am not yet menopausal, but my mom underwent HRT. She however had problems with unexplained vaginal bleeding which persisited despite adjusting dosages. She finally stopped taking it saying that her discomfort outweighed the (projected) health benefits.
  9. Since I am in my early 40's I am probably peri-menopausal (although as regular as ever). Can you recommend any Natural Progesterone Creams? I've heard about Yam cream being good also.

    Do you recommend starting these before you hit menopause?
  10. I am completely OK with HRT if it becomes a "quality of life" issue. I have two older sisters who have already experienced menopause with all the nasty side effects. As I stand on the cusp of the same (I've been peri-menopausal for a while), I suspect my experience wont be any prettier. If it helps me feel better and less likely to commit homocidal acts upon my dear family... heck yea I'll accept some risk and keep a close eye on my health otherwise.
    Heh Prada... remember when I caught up with you all in Charlotte... do you also remember I was in the middle of a horrible flash in Bob Ellis shoes!! The very kind SA, (middle aged and male by the way!) recognized the symptoms and brought me a lovely cold bottled water!
  11. YES!! That was SO FUNNY! You came walking up, sweat beads on the face alternating fanning yourself with the bottle of water and drinking it at the same time! Ah, middle age! Ain't it grand?:roflmfao:

    And then there was poor (young) kallison sitting there in the midst of all we middle-agers talking about our ailments. She must have been thinking "OMG! How did I end up with all these old ladies?" :confused1:
  12. maxter, thank you so much for that link! I am sorry I did not see your thread about it, I would have just posted there. And thank you for the compliment! :smile:

    I hope insurance companies will start putting the patch on their lists, I'd like to try it!

    Danica, I really do agree with you, Megs, et al that if you can manage without HRT, that is without question the better option. And my gynecologist agrees, too! Before beginning the hormones, with her help, I was able to give a fair shot to the alternatives that the insurance company feels are in its best interests.

    sellmysoul, "quality of life" is exactly the issue became in my case, and whether we are talking about menopause, migraine, or any other health issue, I am a firm believer in doing whatever you are able to do to preserve that quality of life.

    If the alternatives aren't working, sucking it up, toughing it out, suffering in silence and floating it all down a big river in Egypt is not really going to provide you with a benefit.

    And I also wish to emphasize to our younger sisters that menopause is like periods or PMS. Everybody's is different, and you may never experience either the multitude nor intensity of symptoms that your friend's mom, or even your own mom, does.

    Some women have insignificant, even no symptoms at all, maybe a slightly warm flash a couple of times a year, and millions ARE able to control the symptoms they do have with diet and natural remedies, and depending on your situation, you may be able to explore alternatives independent of the insurance company's bottom line!

    In addition, the gifts of menopause are considerable, even beyond the obvious and most glittery ones, though some may argue that those are really the gifts of age! :smile:
  13. I'm 51 and still regular.:wtf: Yes, absolutely you are at a good age to start using natural progesterone cream. I was around 45 give or take when I started having night sweats. I started researching natural alternatives to HRT at that time and that's when I started using it. Among other things, it actually got my cycles so predictable I could nearly set a clock by them and that was a first for me! Peri-menopausal women use the cream on a little different schedule than menopausal women, but the instructions are included. I use Healthy Aging Nutraceuticals brand Healthy Progestrone Cream. You can read about it here: HEALTHY PROGESTERONE CREAM, Measured Pump Bottle, 4.4 oz., 500 mg Micronized Natural USP Progesterone per oz.

    It's gooood stuff!:yes: Also, a good investment is Dr. John Lee's book Amazon.com: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause: The Breakthrough Book on Natural Progesterone: Books: John R. Lee,Virginia Hopkins There are tons of books on menopause floating around, but Dr. Lee's was one of the first and considered the holy grail on menopause.
  14. interesting about the progesterone cream...I was actually reccomended it because I'm having problems conceiving (obviously nowhere near menopause yet)...I wonder if this is hurting me more or giving you gals more or a chance at an "oops baby" :push: It doesn't seem like it would logically be good for both....