hormonal shift = buying itch?

  1. i have been discussing with some of the subforum ladies about this issue. but honestly, i think this hormonal shift during pregnancy is highly correlated to my over obsession in handbags. the closer i am to my due date, the more bags i am getting.

    PLEASE tell me you are/were/going to be :yes: experiencing the same thing during pregnancy!

    all i think about now is baby baby baby bags, baby baby baby, bags!!!:p:p
  2. Oh I would love to blame it on the pregnancy as I do so much other stuff hehe, but I think I'm always like this. Only thing is now, baby stuff is just one more thing added to this list:yes:
  3. I got pregnant the same time I started posting on TPF--I' d rather blame the pregnancy and if you can get that Scientifically documented I'd appreciate it since I've spent a ton of money in the last 9 months! My hubby is not so hapy with me. LOL
  4. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I suffered really bad morning sickness. Purses were the last thing on my mind and the thought of LV's actually made me more nauseated. But, I'm glad to say that my morning sickness is gone...and so is my ill feelings towards LV. I've actually WL'd myself for a LE piece. Uh-oh!:nogood: I have a feeling that I'll be the same...I wonder what kind of baby bag I'll get:graucho:
  5. That is SO interesting you posted this topic.
    You know how many women experience "post-partum blues/depression" ??
    Well, I didn't after I delivered 5 mos. ago, but I did have another experience....I felt an absolute need to buy things. And not just ANYTHING. Mostly high-end luxury goods, like LV.
    I cannot explain this, because i'm a regular shopper, but it was sudden and I spent alot all at once. I think maybe because I really had not bought anything for myself for the last year, and after delivery, I got some kind of hormonal rush to spend.......strange/stupid rationale, I know.....
    but I think it beats getting post-partum blues anyday !!!
  6. I think this is the purse addicts form of "nesting":nuts: I'm sure once I'm pg I will be in the same boat - I'm already picking things out I want to buy for baby when I pg, I can only imagine what obsession I"ll develope when it comes time to look at diaper bags!
  7. I wish I could blame it on hormones! Sadly, my youngest child is now 2, and I have only gotten worse with the purse buying!