"Hormona"l seller?? Opinion, pls :-D

  1. Fellow tPFers, please read this seller's respond and let me know what do you think about :lol:

    He's ( yes, seller is a man ) listing his bag for $ 750 ( and the last time before he relisted, he listed for $699 ) then I asked him if he'll consider $ 700 ( I even never asked incl. shipping ). I don't know if it's low-ball or not since I usually get offer $100 or more lower than my starting price but I always send politely and kindly responds.

    He responded me below:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]i don't know how to say this but this is like new! i know it will be difficult to buy on eBay? thinking if bag is fake or authentic! I assure you that my wife bought this bag at Las vegas Louis Vuitton. it's as real as it get! she use it a few times but very lightly. if you look at picture, there's no wear on bottom. bag look even better on you hand. I think this bag appreciate in price since we bought it. we bought it at $1299.00, the last time we check it was $1399.00 before tax!You know that they never go on sale right? Best price $799 . sorry. any lower than this, i rather keep it. thanks for your offer. I think most important is that your buying real authentic, right? I think if you buy a fake one will cost you a few hundred too?

    He's sounding so upset while I only ask him to consider or give me counteroffer. I've 3 bags in this edition, I know the price for pre-loved even I offered him the same price with I paid for. Beside it, his bag ISN'T BRAND NEW, there's obvious dark color place on handles that's why I asked him for pre-loved item price.

    Is it normal he act such that? :confused1::shrugs:
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]
  2. I'd pass on it. He sounds too twitchy. And the "appreciation in price" he is talking about is actually the increase in Vuittons prices, which take place every February.
  3. I don't know. . . it's all subjective, everyone has a price, he wants a little more.
    I didn't think he sounded too weird about it at all personally.
  4. You said he's listing it for $750? And in his response he says "no less than $799"? Maybe it's just a typo... If not, then this man is making up prices as he goes along.

    But if this is the bag you want and know will love as well as can afford to pay HIS price, then go for it. I don't think his response was really weird...
  5. Thanks for opinions :smile: Yes, I want that bag but I still can find other similiar bags ;)
    I mean, I've this style in 2 color and another style but from the same line so I'm not too mad at this bag, I just trying my luck if I could complete my collections of this line :smile: ( this line released in 3 colors )

    After his 'upset' responded, I don't think I'll glad to do business with him ( I believe he feels the same with me, too ) :lol:
  6. I read this and thought 'okay' - I didn't think it was weird, excessively emotional or worrying, merely that he had a price in mind which may or may not be realistic. However, always trust your instincts on eBay!
  7. I just wonder why he even think it's need to mention if I asked him for that price, it mean I want FAKE bag?? :shrugs: don't know where he got idea I always buy or looking for fake :yucky:

    Such I want to buy fake :blah:
  8. He sounds ok but if your gut tells you something is not right with him, maybe you should move on. Like Miss Sooky said, trust your instincts.
  9. I only can't understand why he's so upset :confused1:
  10. Who knows, maybe he's just a mean old man. :nuts:
    Don't let him get to you. There are all kinds of weired people on eBay lately. (I'm dealing with one as we speak)
  11. Honestly, he doesn't sound "upset" at all. I see no real tone in his response IMO.

    I think he is just trying to explain his stance, which he really is entitled to.

    I say move on to another auction if you can, if he doesn't want to "bargain" with you.
  12. I would find it somewhere else. He could have been a little more professional or just not responded at all and you are right why does he keep going on about fakes?
    Avoid this one.
  13. Also it's not as if you were asking him to knock $100's of dollars off, you were basically asking him to accept his original asking price.
    Usually when you re-list the price doesn't go up, right?
  14. Thanks . Westiegirl :flowers: I think you pretty understand my originally concern :smile:

    Yes, I mean why he even think he has to answer me such that respond? His respond sounding such I asked about the authenticity :blah: while I never asked about that. Def. it, I won't ask hm anything if he sell fake.

    Beside it, you are right, Westiegirl. I only ask if he would like to consider ( please note, I asked him to consider ) to accept his starting price, not to bargain him.

    As a seller, I think we sometime will deal with our starting price, don't us? For example, starting price plus shipping.
  15. I think your offer was very fair. Some people aren't realistic about what they can get for something.