Horizontal Zip Cabas in Black


Feb 22, 2006
Do you guys think the horizontal zip cabas is worth it at $1500? I've been trying to find a good travel bag....I wanted to find something like the LV neverfull or the Goyard Louie bag, but something a bit more different....Thoughts?

Also, has anyone had issues w/ bags from Bluefly? I just ordered my first bag from there and was curious on authenticity and quality.



Sep 12, 2011
I just recently received mine and I love it. It was much bigger than what I was expecting and the leather is much stiffer than the original cabas. I guess with more wear, the leather will get softer. My only qualm is the base.. I guess I need to do a DIY bag shaper cause when I put my dslr, the bag's share became irregular!

Imo, it will be a good travel bag, enough space and easy to match.
May 11, 2008
I use my horizontal zip cabas pretty much daily and I love it. I'm not sure it would make the most perfect travel bag, though, because even though it is huge, there is no way of closing it, so you have to be careful that nothing falls out of it if you're stowing it under seats or whatever. That said, I used it as carry-on baggage on a few flights and didn't have a problem with it - just had to be careful that things didn't fall out of it when I put it under the seat in front of me or put it in the overhead compartments. If you don't want that fuss then maybe a different bag would be better, but if it's not a problem then I highly recommend the bag! I haven't been precious with mine (I kick it under my desk at work, use it to carry all sorts of hefty things, etc) but except for the softening of the leather it still looks brand new despite being about 3 months old now.

I agree with sweetarrow in that it could do with a base at the bottom (I had the same problem with my DSLR pushing it out of shape) but it's not 100% necessary (I still haven't gotten around to getting one!) and it's still a pretty sturdy bag.